Hi everybody! It's a great day to be alive! I woke up one sunday morning with terrible heartburn, air patches in my chest, and my throat was closing up. I was taken to Marion MedCenter ER. I signed papers for emergency surgery. Apparently, the medication I was on (tetracyclene) got stuck in my esophagus the night before and burned through. This caused holes in my esophagus. Air and stomach acid were invading my system at a deadly rate, causing an infection dangerously close to my heart. Little did I know that it was a race against time to save my life. The doctors said that I was lucky I came in when I did.

So, they went in through my back and side. They were going to take a patch from my stomach and patch the holes. But to their suprise (I truly believe this was a miracle) they found no holes when they went in. Test after test - no holes. I truly believe it was an act of God. All of your prayers were heard and answered. How else were the holes made and healed up in a matter of a couple of hours? The doctors had no explanation. I praise God for every day now. Every day is truly a blessing for me.

At 5:00am Monday morning, my heart went berserk. it shot up to around 220 beats/min. It's called tacka-cardia. I could've went into cardiac arrest - but again, God was watching over me. I was shocked three times with no luck. Finally, medicine through an IV helped bring it down. So, I almost had a couple brushes with Death! I am sooooo lucky and blessed to even be here today. I was even hooked up to like 6 or 7 machines with tubes coming out all over my body including one that fed me since I couldn't eat for a week. A week in intensive care and several days in step-down really with a brush of death certainly changes a person's perspective on life. My new motto: Make the best of life today, because who knows if you'll even be here tomorrow.



I wanted to say...from the bottom of my heart....Thank you for your many prayers for Connie....today we went to the doctors office to get a better scan done of her brain, so that they could see the tumor better. Our Lord and Master has blessed us...and I know it was because of all of your prayers, love and fasting you have done for Casper..(Connie). THE TUMOR IS GONE!...PRAISE GOD IN HEAVEN...IT IS JUST....GONE.

The doctor looked at us...and said....it's gone...it's not there?! Those were the most beautiful words I have heard in some time! The joy that is in my heart is unexplainable..the love I feel for our Lord is unexplainable...the love I have for each of you...my brothers and sisters...is...a wonderful gift from our Father in heaven! I have cried a river of joyful tears....how so that our Father loves us!

Do miracles happen...yes....they do.

Just wanted you all to know...how deeply I appricate your love and prayers for Connie and my family. Gold and wealth are nice to have..but are nothing compared to the love of Christ and brothers and sisters such as you.

GodBless each of you richly!!!
Your brother in Christ,

Greetings All!!

A few weeks ago I sent you a prayer request for my Aunt Debbie & Uncle Mike. My aunt had been diagnosed with a cancerous mass on her ovaries. Her Surgery was set for August 4th. If they were not able to get all of the mass they were going to have to give her a complete hystoectomy. She is only 38 years old.

Yesterday she went in for her pre-op visit... and the mass is GONE!

Praise the Lord! \o/. The Doctors are completely baffled...lol. They searched and searched and can find no trace of the cancer whatsoever!

Thank you so very much for your prayers! God heard our prayers and it was His will to heal her! Thank you friends for your faithfulness!

God Bless you all
Kat <><


By Scott Montgomery

I would like to give a testimony of the love and workings of our Lord and Savior.

My wife and I started off this new year with some very heavy financial burdens. We had to have an X amount of money by the 30th of January, and no forseeable way of attaining that amount.We gave our problem to the Lord in prayer and faith that he would somehow help us. 1st off about the middle of the month I got a notice that a long outstanding and couldn't pay debt of about $25,000.00 had been canceled. Yes the notice said, Debt canceled!!

Well I still had to have that other X amount debt by by Jan. 30th. On the 26th of the month one of the pastors from our church called and ask me if I could help him move some furniture with him, and of cource I said yes. I met him at the storage room and when I got in his truck with him he was smiling and handed me an envelope and said manana from heaven Scott.I opened the letter up and inside was a check from our church for the exact amount I had to have in 4 days.Well I broke down and started to cry, and it is not a pretty site to see a 3oo pound tatooed hippy biker, now saved by the Blood of Jesus!!!! Crying like a little kid!

But anyway, my pastor said that someone came to him and told him that the Lord had laid a burden on his heart to give this money to me. He didn't know my name but described me to him. No one, not even my wife knew how much we had to have by the end of the month!! A total Praise The Lord Halelujah Blessing to a stranger from a stranger!! The amount he gave was with in pennies of the needed amount!! We have an AWESOME God, and to Him I give all the Honor, Praise and Glory that He A KING deserves!!

May Peace, Prosperity, And God's Blessing Be With You Always.

Scott Montgomery
Revelation 4:8


Just a note to thank each and everyone of you for your prayers over the past few weeks. The Lord has definitely listened and has given myself and my family, what we call a miracle. My Wife was able to retain her position at the company where she is employed after an extremely close call with the possibility of unemployment after eleven years.

This morning I was called and offered a Teaching position at a Christian School. I had taught many years ago at the public school level. We then moved to California and due to state regulations at the time I was not able to return to the classroom where my heart really was at.

As I sit and type this up I am just ecstatic ...Praise the Lord and May God Bless You All. Thank you all very much and may God work wonders in your lives.

Kevin, De and the three Girls

OUR LAST $20.00

Yesterday James & I were down to our last $20.00 - which had to go for the baby's diaper's and one can of formula!!! - well, we decided to go to Windsor (across the detroit bridge) in Ontario, Canada, as the exchange rate is 40% in our favor - so we could get more for our little bit of money!!

While we were over in Windsor, I decided to check my Canadian bank account (with a bank card) thinking I might have $5.00 in it (which in Canadian currency would translate to around $3.00 U.S.) - well, on the first withdrawal it gave me $20.00, when I read the balance slip it said I had $1,143.00 in my account!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Revenue Canada had automatically deposited my income tax refund!! - wasn't that awesome - we really were down to our last 'cracker crumbs' !!

Now the other awesome part of this blessing is - last night we went to a church meeting - I really wanted to put into the offering because I was so very blessed by the ministry I received - however, we didn't have any money - I expressed to God what I wanted to do (ie: give an offering) - he said back to me very clearly - 'I'll give you seed to sow"" - well, the very next morning we 'discovered' the blessing in my canadian bank account - Plus my husband had put $1.00 in the offering at church (basically our last 'free' $1.00) in the morning, before we drove across to Windsor. Calculating increase based on the dollar offering - God gave us 1000% return on our giving!!!!!!!!!!!

You can't out give God, can you?!!! Please share this incredible testimony to encourage others!!

The Watson Family


I have a fantastic PRAISE report to tell you!

I called a place about a job this morning at 9:30 and I was hired over the phone in 15 minutes!

I'll be working for a medical alert company,Mon.-Fri. 9-4,and I will be making a $1 less an hour but I have benefits like sick days, Holiday pay, vacation, and med. insurance which I didn't have.

Praise the Lord! He does watch over His children!

What satan meant for bad Jesus took it and turned it around and made it even better!! My God shall always supply our needs!!

Thank You Jesus!! Praise your Holy name!!

I just thought I would let all of you know thanks for your prayers.

God does answer them.



Oakmont, Pennsylvania (August 1998). Injured by car crash, Michael Giovanetti knew help was just 100 feet away. Trouble was: that short distance might as well have been 100 miles.

Stuck in the twisted wreckage of his car at the bottom of a steep hill, Giovanetti endured four days in sultry heat before managing to crawl out of the wreck and drag himself up the hill despite a head wound and broken ribs.

Raised Catholic, Giovanetti said he no longer goes to church. But he said he prayed mightily when he first woke up after the wreck and gave thanks whenever a cool breeze blew through his car.

"Everybody tells me I'm really lucky. I felt somebody else was helping me - like it was a team. Someone had a reason to let me go. I was in a bad way. Someone had to pull me out of there," Giovanetti said.

Out of the hospital and recovering at his parent's home in the Pittsburgh suburb of Oakmont, Giovanetti still looks terrible. An ugly purple bruise covers the right side of his face.

Giovanetti was returning from Virginia. He had dropped off a friend before heading for home in Apalachin, New York. Unemployed since April, Giovanetti was hoping to continue his search for work as an avionics technician while his wife, Tricia, son Nicholas and twin girls Cloe and Monique were in North Carolina.

Giovanetti, 39, lost control on a patch of gravel Aug. 11 while trying to get onto the Pennsylvania Turnpike, shooting across the pavement and over a guard rail. His car launched into the air and landed about 100 feet down a steep, boulder-strewn hill, state police said.

The accident tore the front off Giovanetti's car, which came to rest on its crushed roof. The passenger side of the car was buried in dirt and rocks. He regained consciousness upside down, his face mashed against the broken windshield. He unlatched his seat belt and fell against the steering wheel.

"I don't remember it hurting. I remember it was very hot," he said. "It was very difficult uprighting myself."

Giovanetti spent his first day yelling and banging a piece of metal from the wreck against the body of the car. Nobody noticed.

He spent the second day in a failed effort to wiggle out of the mangled wreck.

Bathed in gasoline fumes and suffering from a banged-up head, Giovanetti had nightmares during the ordeal.

On the third day, Giovanetti dragged himself halfway out of the wreckage, where he rigged a rubber mat to direct rainwater into plastic water bottles.

By the morning of the fourth day, Giovanetti realized no one would come for him. Weakened, he dragged himself backward, crablike, up the steep hillside, gripping rocks in his fists to protect his hands from broken glass.

When he finally made it, Giovanetti was too weak to even pull himself over the guard rail. He lay on the side of the road waving in futility at passing cars and trucks until finally good Samaritans pulled over to help.

"It seemed mostly like a long, bad day. I didn't know it was four days until I got to the top," Giovanetti said. "I just kept trying to get out. I wanted to see my kids."


I would like to share something that happened to me that involves angels and protection. And if you want, you can share it with whomever you would like to.

I was about 2 years old and my family lived in a big house in Cypress. Anyways, it was like 7 or 8 in morning and my sister,about 5 years old at the time, and I were playing in the Bonus Room. My parents were asleep as usual and usually don't plan on getting up for another hour or two. Anyways, the window in the bonus room had a little ledge that stuck out so you can sit, stand, do whatever on it and my sis and I were standing on that and jumping on a little trampoline where we would then jump on to a big couch.

Well, when I went up there to do our fun little thing I accidentally leaned against the screen and fell through the window. Now, the way the house was built was that there was no roof in front of the window. Just a sheer wall down to the driveway.

When I hit the driveway, I landed on my head. My sister was flipping out and she rushed into get my parents. When my parents finally realized what she was trying to say, my mom rushed outside and started to hold me(which wasn't a smart thing to do right away. I could have broken my neck or spinal cord). My dad went and called 911.

The paramedics came and took me to the hospital and everything was ok. As amazing as it sounds, nothing was wrong with me. I didn't brake anything...just ended up with a big black eye and a scab on my forehead.

When I was in the hospital, one of my mom's friends told her that an angel swooped down and cushioned my fall, that's why I didn't brake anything and was in such good condition. I didn't suffer from any amnesia or even brain damage. If anything, it made me a smart kid, because I excel in math a year or more ahead than my friends and classmates.

Anyways, it's amazing what God can do when you don't even realize it. I was 2 years old and didn't even know what or who God was. Our God is TRULY an awesome God!

Mark Popkes
17 years old
Lake Forest, CA

by Ed Wrather

“The angel of the Lord encampeth round about them that fear him, and delivereth them (Psalm 34:7).”

Have you ever seen an angel? I believe it is possible for us to have seen angels and not known that we were in the company of them. Other times as Balaam found out (Numbers 22) angels may be invisible. But certainly I know without a doubt that I have experienced the benefit of the protection of angels even without seeing them.

Before I was a pastor I took a group of young people to Oklahoma City to the Youth Evangelism Conference in the church van. We prayed together before we began our trip and we prayed together before we returned home. We prayed for God’s protection.

While on the way home I was following a pickup pulling a trailer. The pickup was going just a little slower than the speed limit so I decided to speed up and pass it. Just as I speeded up it was as though a heavy weight had suddenly descended onto the top of the van. I felt the van sway to one side and then to the other. I slowed down but everything seemed fine so I again speeded up to pass the pickup. Again it was as though God has placed His hand on top of the van like a child would upon a toy and push down hard. I slowed down again.

This time shortly after I slowed down, just when I would have been beside the pickup passing it, the trailer came unhooked. The trailer was still attached to the pickup by the safety chain but still it whipped back and forth across both lanes with sparks flying. I pulled the van over to the shoulder and stopped. If “something” had not stopped me two times from passing the pickup I believe we would have had a serious accident resulting in injuries or death.

I don’t take God’s protection for granted and countless times God has protected me and my family. I still pray for God’s protection every day and praise Him for it!

Copyright 1998. Ed Wrather. Permission is given for use a non-profit basis with source credited.


Hi :) I tell you what...I'm definately a blessed person today. I was shaken up a little bit today...and I'd like to tell ya about it. God is definately an awesome God...and protects us from harms way.

My friend, Beth and I were in a car crash this morning. There were 4 vehicles involved...3 cars and a tow truck. What happened is that I was driving Beth's car home from a friend's house...she was tired and we didn't want to take the chance of getting in an accident :) So, I drove. Well, anyways, I was driving and we were about an hour outside of Cleveland on our way back to Bowling Green. The weather was nasty...there's a winter storm warning (yes, even though it's supposed to be Spring Time...I think Mother Nature is a little messed up). We were driving West-bound. Our car went hydroplaning...and we headed right towards a semi-truck...but right before we were going to hit it, the car turned directions and we started heading for the median...we went through the median, doing a few 180 degree turns and headed for the East-bound lane on the other side...but as soon as we hit the road where cars were coming toward us, the car turned again and we headed back towards the middle of the median, coming to a stop...where we realized that we were very deep stuck in mud. There was no way that we could get the car out on our own. This all happened right acrossed from a state-highway potrol office. So, one of them came over to check things out...by the Grace of God...we weren't hurt, we didn't hit anything, and the car was perfectly fine. All that needed to happen was a tow truck to come pull us out...and then we would be on our way to Bowling Green. Well, we soon found out that it wasn't going to be that simple...

Now, for the good part...as the tow guy was pulling us out...all of a sudden the guy started running away...and Beth and I were thinking, "WHAT IN THE WORLD??" Well, we soon found the answer...you see there was just enough space between our car and the tow truck that a car could fit through...so wouldn't you know it...a car came through...and snapped the cable in half and slammed in the corner of the tow truck. Beth and I panicked...I said to Beth, "Beth get out of the car, NOW." So, after some thought because she was trying to figure out what just happened, because of being in shock, she got out of the car...and I followed. I went out her side of the car, because the passenger side car door did not work. Well, just moments after we got out of the car...another car came crashing through...hitting the passenger side, where I would have been getting out if the door had worked.

So, 3 cars and 1 tow truck later, there we were helplessly all sitting, wrecked, in the median. But because we were accrossed from the state highway patrol post, they came over pretty quickly. And we felt pretty important....afterall, there were 4 patrol cars and 4 tow trucks sitting along the side of the road next to us, eagerly awaiting their chance to help us :)

Damages done: one car totaled; one tow truck with a busted tire and dented rear corner; one car with a dented front left corner/fender; and Beth's car - a tore off front bumper and the front right corner is busted up some...

hurting people: NONE! PRAISE THE LORD!! (no hurting people, physically, at least...mentally, well, that's a different story...Beth's and my mind's are racing and I just keep picturing the things that could have happened to us today...starting with the fact that we could have ran straight into a semi---THAT WOULD HAVE HURT!!!!)

But good always comes out of the bad. God can do wonders in ALL circumstances. The first thing that came out of all of the people's mouths that I talked to afterwards (except for the tow truck guy...I didn't talk to him)...is that, they now definately know that there is a God. Everyone realized, that we could all have been seriously hurt and worse...and that the Lord was watching out for us. Praise the Lord. I'm not sure if everyone was Christian...but if not, at least God has begun working in their lives. Please pray for all that were involved...that they continue to allow God to work.

By His Grace,



(I believe that Phyllis was contemplating suicide prior to God changing everything from being completely hopeless to hopefilled. - Ed Wrather)

Phiyllis Phillips shares:

Here is a praise report for you. In December, I wrote to you to ask that you take me off your prayer list because there was 'no need' to pray for my husband and I, as he had suddenly decided to leave me out of the blue (we were not having marriage problems that I knew of), I had just learned that I may have cancer and needed surgery, and I no longer wanted to live. You kept me on your prayer list, and even had some of your prayer people write to me...please thank them for me, and let them know that God heard them, and answered.

My husband, although he believed in God, was unsaved, and I had no idea what was going on, as he would not tell me, but within a period of three weeks, he went from being a kind, gentle, considerate man to one that threatened to kill me, left me, and immediately filed for divorce. I was stunned. This was the guy I thought the most wonderful man on the planet. He immediately filed for divorce, and began to do every evil, vile thing he could do to me through his lawyer...everything from trying to take my home (that I had years before I met him...we have been married for almost two years now), my car, and even tried to get me to pay him alimony when he works, and I do not (at his request). I was busy fixing his credit, running his side business, and had just purchased him a brand new harley on my credit, as his was not in good enough shape to do so on his own. Yet he stuck me with all of our bills, the bike payment, and everything else, and took off. The court date for the divorce was for this month.

I began to pray. Constantly. Others prayed. I know that God gives free will to all, but He also says that we can ask anything, and as long as it is in align with His will, and we believe, it will be given unto us. Well, I knew it was not God's will that my husband and I get divorced, so I claimed that. I also knew that God said "if ye believe, ye shall be saved, AND YOUR HOUSEHOLD", and though he was not saved, my husband was still the head of my household, so knew he would be saved. I began to claim God's promises. Though I had no income, just a lot of bills and needed to sell the motorcycle (not easy in the winter...pretty impossible actually), I believed God would restore my marriage, even if my husband was acting as if he was satan himself, and doing all these horrible things to me. I hired an attorney, and kept on praying.

Well, here it is, March 15th. The praise? I sold the motorcycle within 24 hours of asking God to provide a seller. Money came in from the strangest places as it was needed (although it will be a while before I pay off the attorney fees). My husband asked Christ into his life in February, and is now back home. We attend Church together each week, we listen to marriage builder tapes by Jimmy Evans every night (one side of a tape each night), and we try to catch Charles Stanley or Gregory Dickow on the local Christian tv station...the change in my husband is nothing short of miraculous. Oh, and I had the surgery I needed...and the results just came back....negative for cancer. Its amazing what God can do, when we do not limit Him, and trust Him to do what is best for us.

We still need prayer, of course, satan does not like my husband being saved (and I think new Christians have to be prayed for just as much after they are saved as before they were saved, and I will continue to do so, and fight the battle, because that is what it was/is...a battle for my husbands soul)...he is the only one in his family that is saved now, and has influence in his family, and he has contact with a lot of people through his work. But, I am praying Psalm 91 each day, and God is so good to us.

What happened to my husband? He had begun a new job, and as he is a hard worker to begin with, he pushed himself even harder for the new company, working 70+ hours each week, and doing side jobs as well. I asked him to slow down, and he had started to do so, but he was already burnt out. He could not sit down without immediately falling asleep. His blood pressure was up, and he was gaining weight. He was physically exhausted, but was working with me to read the Bible, and when he ended up not having time for the Bible reading due to work (and it was interesting the way each time we tried to read the Bible, the telephone would ring, or someone would show up at the door, or other numerous interruptions each time we began to read together), I finally asked him to go to Church with me...he immediately agreed, and within two weeks, he had a total personality change and within three weeks, threatened to kill me, left, and filed for divorce. I am positive that satan saw my husband was close to accepting Christ into his life, and used his weakened physical, mental, and emotional state to prevent it. Praise God, for overcoming the world!

Words cannot begin to express my gratitude for your prayer, your faithfulness, and your willingness to listen. Thank you for being there, and doing the work that you are doing. It does touch many. I have several favorite Bible verses now...a lot actually, but I think the one I prayed the most was Luke 10:19. I still say this verse out loud each day. God does what He says He will do, and when we do not limit Him, but just believe His Word, miracles happen, and quickly. I am living proof of that.

Thank you again for your prayers, and faithfulness.


Phyllis Phillips


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