I have developed, I believe through God's leadership, an effective way of dealing with specific addictions when a person has the desire for help and change. If you are struggling with an addiction/spiritual problem (pornograpy/sexual addictions, gambling, alcohol/drug abuse, anger/rage, etc.) I have KITS available that can help (If your addiction/spiritual problems is not listed please contact me and most likely I can develop a kit to address your problem).

These KITS include: "God's Help For The Tough Problems"; instructions for preparing a cassette tape which directly confronts the specific problem through praise, prayer, and Scripture; instructions for using the cassette tape; and, hints for finding the way of escape. Be assured that your request for a kit will be as private and confidential as you desire and your instructions for delivery of the kit will be followed precisely. This information can all be emailed to you and there is no cost.

If you want the ADDICTIONS KIT please email me at:

If you would like a printed copy of the ADDICTIONS KIT (available only for substance abuse) please email me at and include your mailing address. Books are free and I will pay the postage whether in the USA or in another country.

The Kit (for substance abuse) contains material that will enrich your prayer life and will be a guide to Scripture memorization and meditation directed toward this specific addiction. It also contains the message "God's Help For The Tough Problems", four powerful testimonies of those who have overcome, and 40 devotionals directed toward those with addictions. The book is 50 pages of 8 1/2 x 11 plastic comb bound. To speed the process just send me an email at or requesting the book including shipping instructions.

To address the pervasive and growing problem of sexual addictions I’ve developed the ADDICTIONS KIT FOR SEXUAL ADDICTIONS which is now available. The book is spiral bound containing much of the material contained in the substance abuse version but with Scriptures specific to sexual addictions, Testimonies of overcoming sexual addictions, and 60 devotionals (20 more than the substance abuse version). For information about how to obtain a copy or copies of this book please email me at

Also helpful are the Burning Bush Daily Email Devotionals. The devotionals are now being delivered five times per week through the Christian email list service at and

Send a blank email to (plain text) or for the html version send email to

The devotional archives are located at:

Join The Burning Bush Restoration and Recovery Group. This is a support group for those with addictions or recovering from an addiction. Currently at least one devotional directed toward those with addictions is sent to the group each week. Also meaningful quotes are sent as found. Members of the group are encouraged to interact and send/receive inspirational materials, prayer requests, and encouragement.

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A Restoration & Recovery Conference may be what your church needs. Invite Ed Wrather who is a pastor and former parole officer to conduct a conference in your church.
Why have such a conference?
1. Help prevent those who do not have addictions from developing addictions.
2. Give pastors and others tools for dealing with addictions.
3. Tool for evangelism. Churches may use the conference to draw the unchurched into church.
Because so many have some kind of addiction.