"Loving Father I ask your intervention at the point of need for each request posted here. Father, touch lives and change hearts, demonstrate your power! In Jesus' Holy, Precious Name I ask. Amen."
(Ed Wrather - April 23, 1998)

Posted 4-30-99:

Missionary in Argintina - Has "disappeared very mysteriously earlier in the week. He is the father of 6 children. His wife is very concerned for his safety."

Misty Jo Harris of DesMoines Iowa - "has a problem with suspect cancer in the right groin, pelvis and hip. She also has found a lump in the left neck. Has lost 17 pounds in less than 2 weeks in spite of a raging appetite and eating much."

Debbie Davis - "The Dr.s are refusing to fill out 6 page disability questionnaire for me.& I thought they were GQQD Dr.'s :o( With your prayers & The Guidance of the Lord I Know the Judge will make the right choice for me to get it. No income since 93."

Gabe Boza - He is a cancer patient and has much anger because of having cancer.

Dee Hammers - "Please pray for a job change I may be going ghrough. My present job, which I have been at for 23 years, is now causing enough stress that it is affecting my health and home life. An opportunity came up to put in an application elsewhere and I want to make sure that it is a door that God is opening."

Update: "But first an update on J.T. Hurt, 8-yr-old with serious bladder/kidney problems waiting for a May 6 specialist app'tment: He's been given an app'tment one day earlier. More important, he is no longer suffering symptoms and told his parents he didn't need the app'tment because God has healed him. His parents told him they're keeping the app'tment so that he will be a more powerful witness of God's power and mercy. But Laurie, his mom, confesses that the mom in her is still frightenend for her only child and asks prayer to deal with her fear."

Revival and spiritual awakening for Sweetwater, Oklahoma, the surrounding area, and across this world. Revival services beginning Sunday. Our evangelist will be Clark Wrather, and music evangelist will be Greg Henson.

Posted 4-29-99:

Zuma Sutton - Surgery today.

Preston Hastings asks:
Dennis Terry, was checked into the local ER today with what may be a minor stroke. The doctors still don't know the full story but that is the preliminary focus. He had a stroke several years ago so there is a history as well. (Preston has now found out his pastor did have a minor stroke with some numbness on left side.).
Second, a missionary friend of mine, Paul Gill, broke his leg in several places while on a trip in Vietnam. The doctor repaired his leg, but he has since developed an infection which may require surgery.

Owner's child - The owner of our company is experiencing a tragedy at this moment. Please pray for the owner's 1yr old child who was pushed into the swimming pool by their two year old child. In critical condition.

Ray Smith - Pain in arm and hand.

Betty Davis - Healing from liver problem. Only solution may be a transplant unless God intervenes.

Updates: Earl Stewart still in hospital with unknown infection. Edmond Logan still having back pain but not quite as severe. Willene Smith recovering from hip replacement surgery.

Revival and spiritual awakening for Sweetwater, Oklahoma, the surrounding area, and across this world. Revival services beginning Sunday. Our evangelist will be Clark Wrather, and music evangelist will be Greg Henson.

Fred King's family - "after several days of praying, God released him from his suffering, He passed away 8:00 A.M. Tuesday April 28, 1999. He is now with our Lord in a far better place.

Karen Long's husband - "I would like prayer for the salvation of my husband...he is being decieved by a false religeon that believes in having more than one wife and they are not allowed to enter into churches or listen to pastors. Please agree with me in prayer as I am fasting and praying that God will open up his spiritual eyes and ears and accept Jesus Christ as the Lord and savior of his life."

Robbie and his family - "A member of my church needs to be held up in prayer. His name is Robbie and is ridden with cancer that seems to be going into his brain. Please pray for him and his family. Many of them are not believers. David Daughenbaugh

Pastor J.D. Morris of Denver, NC & his wife Sonya - "I just talked to Sonya on the phone today, and Pastor Morris is not doing good at all and his spirits are very low."

Klaus - "I am afraid it is cancer..."

Revival and spiritual awakening for Sweetwater, Oklahoma, the surrounding area, and across this world. Revival services beginning Sunday. Our evangelist will be Clark Wrather, and music evangelist will be Greg Henson.

Posted 4-27-99:

There is an international prayer vigil for Kosovo which you might want to participate in: Every day, for at least thirty days. Two minutes (minimum) of silent meditation and prayer for a miracle in Kosovo 3pm EST, noon PST, 8pm London, etc.

Columbine High School Tragedy: Please pray for the healing of those injured, recovery for the survivors, comfort and strength for all those affected.

Updates: Rick Wheeler - improving; Earl Stewart - Still Hospitalized; Willene Smith - Hip replacement surgery went well; Edmond Logan - Slight improvement in back pain.

Update: "I recently asked for prayer for a job for my husband. well i am so grateful to tell you he started a new job today!!! thank you all so much for your prayers, and thank God for the job!!!!!!!"

Justin - "started staying awake yesterday evening. He can't hold anything down yet, the nausea is too strong. He has 2 fractures, one on each side of his forehead. He has no vision disturbances! The plastic surgeon will see him today. Right now the tissue on his face & shoulder is being kept moist with wet dressings. This is all minor stuff now. He might not think so, but we sure do! He was doing what the kids call ramping. Jmping bikes off of walls & stuff. If he gets back on his bike he has a new helmet that all the familly has signed."

Kevin Little - "I need help with booze it will taking over by life."

Katie Kozera - "is in the hospital. She is 14 years old and was on a float in the local Clovis Rodeo parade. She apparently fell off after the parade and was run over by the wheels of the trailer. She has two puntured lungs and other internal injuries. She is expected to be in the hospital for at least a month."

Erhard - Protection and strength for him and his family.

Mickie asks:
No.1:a Christ, Jay, has requested prayer for his mother, they said she has cancer.
No.2: My neighbor Ada was in auto accident, I don"t know all her injuries, but both wrists are broken, & she will be unable to care for herself, may have to go in nursing home.
No.3: Elaine,a nurse at our dr.s office called me today, her dad had open heart surgery & is home now. He accepted Jesus as his Saviour while in hosp. Praise God!!! Please pray for his complete recovery, & protection from the enemy.
No.4: Please pray for Mary, & her family.

Posted 4-26-99:

Columbine High School Tragedy: Please pray for the healing of those injured, recovery for the survivors, comfort and strength for all those affected.

Judy and Roger Farmer - Strength and Peace.
Stanley Mangrum - Healing and salvation.
James Mangram - Healing.
Willard Nalls - Healing (lung cancer).

Rick Wheeler - "Please pray for our brother and my dear friend. Rick was suffering from chest pains and thought it best to have it checked out by a doctor. They discovered that he had a large leak in one of the valves in his heart. Subsequently, further tests showed that 2 arteries were partially blocked. Rick was rushed to Baptist Hospital in Oklahoma City, OK and has had double by-pass and a valve replacement. As of Sunday morning, his blood pressure has been low so the doctor decreased the pain medication therefore the pain has increased. Also his lungs have been filling up with fluid. Please pray that the Father will lay his healing hand upon Rick, and will give him and his family comfort and peace through this crisis. Rick's eldest son is a marine and is in the Persian Gulf on a ship. I know that it has to be hard on him also, not being with his daddy. I pray that God will reveal his power in this time of need.

Ross and Brenda in Ohio - "They have had the sole care of their 6-yr-old grandson since he was 7 months old. (Their son is dead and the mom, a former drug addict, abandoned the child to return to her native country in Europe.) She then moved to California and filed for the child. Ohio courts have ruled that California has jurisdiction and the California CPS has said the little boy must go to California to live in a foster home until such time as he can be returned to his mother. This is a nightmare. At this point, California is even refusing to let the loving grandparents drive the child there from Ohio. They want to send a social worker to come get the child. Pray for God to intervene for little "Scooter" and his grandparents."

Earl Stewart - Hospitalized with infection not responding to treatment.

Willene Smith - Hip replacement surgery today.

Zuma Sutton - Surgery this week.

Edmond Logan - Severe back pain has returned.

Terri asks:
Bill - "his mother asks for help in his addiction to alcohol that he may be cured.
Ellen's family - "asks that the cancer be taken from her and if not that she will not suffer. Give them the grace to bear up under this cross."
UK - "has liver cancer and his family asks that he be remembered."
SD - "is right now at the critical stage of his Leukemia and needs all the help to avoid infections."

Todd White and South Heights Church - "Just a quick note to ask all of you to be in earnest prayer for our revival with Dr. Larry Walker. He will be with us starting tomorrow, April 25, through Wednesday evening, April 28. Please pray that our people will catch fire for Jesus, and then get BUSY serving Him more fully and more deeply than ever before, and that lost souls will come to Christ as a result of the Lord's church being what it ought to be in His sight."

Natalie Robison - "I am having some personal difficulties in my life."

Posted 4-23-99:

There is an international prayer vigil for Kosovo which you might want to participate in: Every day, for at least thirty days. Two minutes (minimum) of silent meditation and prayer for a miracle in Kosovo 3pm EST, noon PST, 8pm London, etc.

Columbine High School Tragedy: Please pray for the healing of those injured, recovery for the survivors, comfort and strength for all those affected.

Mindee shares:
I attend an Evagelical Christian church that's about 3 miles north of Columbine High School in Littleton Colorado. Three of the girls from our youth group were shot yesterday and one is dead. Please, for those of you who pray, send one up for these girls and the rest of the people involved. They are:
Kacey - shot in the shoulder and hand; stable condition
Valerie - shot nine times in the chest
Lauren - died
25 families in our congregation with kids at that school. Of course everyone involved needs our prayers, but I always like to have a name when I pray and thought that some of you might too."

Diane DeBose asks:
"I am asking prayer for my niece (Gretchen) grandmother. She had a stroke and bumped her head in the process. Now she suffers from vertigo -- an equilibrium imbalance. She also has the debilitating arthritis where she cannot walk straight."
"My daughter (Anyonga) is asking for prayer also. She is now working three jobs to make ends meet. She is a single parent. She has to leave home at 4am to get to her 1st job by 5am, then comes home and go to her 2nd job and for her 3rd job she teaches a class at the Technical School. She would like to go back to school and become a Speech Pathologist or a masters in Communication. She would like directions from God."

Patty Chester - "I need prayer about my mom's house. She passed away nine months ago and stated in her will to sell the house so all three of us kids can spilt it three ways. My sister is holding up the sale of the house by letting her adult chilren live there. The will states, 'sell the house.' My sister violates the will, blocks us from selling the house. What can I do? As a Christian I need prayer to resolve this issue."

Jann Chelluk - "I have $$ due to me from an insurance settlement from a car wreck. The statute of limitations runs out on SAT. My lawyer bailed on me. And now the Insurance adjuster assigned to the case took ill or something and is out of the office until Mon. Trying to reach his supervisor to see if I am going to be able to get an answer today on the amount. I have $10,000.00 in unpaid med bills.

Dr James Sewell, professor at Baptist Bible College in Springfield Missouri, and pastor of Noble Hill Baptist Church in Springfied, Missouri - "He went in to the emergency room a few Saturdays ago because he was not feeling well and found out that he had a large cancerous mass in his small intestines and also a spot on his lung and some spotts on his kidneys. They immediately did surgery, removing a large portion of his small intestines, and they did not get it all. The doctors have said that this type of cancer does not react well to radiation treatment and the remainder is inoperable."

Doris Torres - "I got a B+ on a project I was working on. I also prayed for a friend to do well on a project she had and the Lord has seen her through. I've still got finals (one tomorrow and four next week, two of which are major) so please keep lifting me up in prayer. Also, please keep lifting my friend Mary in prayer as well and all the seniors as we are to graduate soon."

Chalena Preiss and her parents - "I need to ask for prayer for my family. My mom and dad have been married for 20 years and are now going through some very serious spiritual attack. My Dad has been faced with a mistake that he has made in the past and he is not willing to repent or accept it. My mom has been praying alot and feels that God is asking my dad to repent and to apologize to the people that he has hurt. My dad is very defensive, and is now accusing my mom of having an affair, and is saying that he is going to move out and leave my mom as soon as he can find a place to go. I know that my parents love each other and that them seperating is not the answer. I just want to ask that people pray for God to reveal the truth to them and that he gives them the strength to accept what he is trying to get through to them with."

Charlotte asks:
Pearl Nelson--lovely Christian leader of my "Joy of Living" Bible study--after suffering months of back pain requiring codeine medications, she has had an MRI that shows two tumors, and she can't get an appointment to see an orthopoedic specialist till May 14. Pray for her healing and for an earlier appointment.
J.T. Hurt--8-year-old boy in my homeschool group--he has blood showing up in his urinalysis even after weeks of antibiotics (a diabetes test was negative) and has been given an appointment with a pediatric urologist for May 6. Pray God's healing for J.T. His parents are very worried.

Cheryl Doll - Needs salvation. "Also pray the Lord will give her the truth regarding cults and remove the blinders on her eyes."

Floy Gardner - Continued recovery from surgery and illness.

Edmond Logan - Severe back pain has returned.

Gail Sutton - Surgery went well in recovery now.

Posted 4-22-99:

Columbine High School Tragedy: Please pray for the healing of those injured, recovery for the survivors, comfort and strength for all those affected.

Floy Gardner - Had blockage cleared from arteries in neck yesterday afternoon. However, about 10:00 last night surgery was done to remove a blood clot.

Gail Sutton - Surgery tomorrow morning to remove gall bladder and to correct problem which resulted from previous surgery.

Kim - "she has been fighting a endless battle with cancer for close to a year now she has a brain tumor which took her speech writting and ability to read away about 4 months ago . last week she had another MRI doctors gave her 1 month to live." Submitted by her neighbor, Janet.

asks: "to concentrate on work and to glorify Christ in it, and to be able to do the best job of representing the companies and products that I represent."

Chad Hohner - " had a huge fight with my dad over my financial standing and big move I have coming up. I was planning on moving to Wisconsin to join a friend in ministry at the beginning of June. I owe my dad money on my car. He said that the car wasn't going to Wisconsin with his name on the title. He loves me, I knowhe does, he just wants me to learn responsibilty. I love my Dad, but I'm angry about all of this. please pray that I'm get a level head about my finances and that I haven't screwed things up with my father, who happens to be, as far as I can tell, a non-believer."

Mary Gabbert and her daughter - Mary's daughter was injured by a teacher at school. When taken to a doctor they were treated rudely. This has traumatized them and she is not sure what to do now. Mary is also concerned she may have cancer and is undergoing tests.

Jann - "Financial Distress. Without God's intervention we will be on the streets with 3 kids very soon."

Lynn Snider - "I have some special items confronting us that must remain unspoken for now."

Peace in the Balkans, Jamaica and across our world.South Heights church in Sapulpa - Their revival begins Sunday. Their evangelist's son-in-law died unexpectedly and cancelled. They now have another evangelist but continue to need prayer for situation.

Rod Brittain and family - Rod's wife's ex-husband is causing trouble and trying to gain custody of their son, Chase.

Words from a member of a church about four miles from Columbine High: "It's really sad around here. One of the girls from our church youth group was in the library and was severely wounded. It looks like she'll make it though."

Jack Huston - "Jack is my childhood friend (Ponca City,OK)...he has a malignancy and his prognosis is not good Jack is my childhood friend (Ponca City,OK)....he has a malignancy and his prognosis is not good."

Diane Reynolds and theReynolds family - "She is only 51 and she is dying from lung cancer. Weask the Lord to please ease her pain.... Her family is having a hard time coping right now, please help them through this trying time."

Posted 4-21-99:

Columbine High School Tragedy: Please pray for the healing of those injured, and comfort for all those affected.

Christopher Summers - (16 year old) Was hit in the head with a baseball. There is a blood clot on the brain. They were to do surgery this afternoon (Tuesday).

Sandi - "God has helped my family in so many ways. I am praying for the financial worries that we have, to be resolved. I pray that all of the bureaucracy associated with my disability, stop. We have suffered so much and we need to enjoy the time that we have left."

Kathryn Bennett asks:
"Please pray for a friend that has not accepted Jesus Christ. Also, for the Vida Nueva team from our community on Okinawa, that we would be able to help those seeking the Lord. Finally, a praise for a decision that has been made to search for Jesus in the life of a close friend."

Johanna - Wisdom and guidance as she seeks the denomination for her and the church God would have her to attend.

Posted 4-20-99:

Update on Fred Thacker from Linda Miller ( "Our Brother Fred Thacker is now face-to-face with the Lord. He went home Sunday morning about 10:10am. A member of our congregation, and a wonderful Christian example for each of us, he will surely be missed! Please continue to pray for his wife, Faye, and their family."

Diane Bailey - "I need prayer for protection from the enemy. Pray the Lord will deliver me from trauma and fears that I had all my life. It has caused me to be very anxious about most things..Please pray the Lord will bind all demonic strongholds working in my mind and Life."

Dee asks prayer for:
My son Arnold (in South Africa) goes for surgery on both his eyes on Thursday he has Pterygium.
My husband James and his friend Craig to stop smoking. Our financial problems.

Helen asks prayer for:
Fred - "continue prayers for him to have peaceful rest, And our lord will take him by the hand and lead him into heaven."
Margaret L. - "Pray for a speedy recovery from her recent surgery, and that she will be as strong as ever."
Mario - "Pray for fast recovery from liver and heart trouble."

Joan - Spiritual guidance and wisdom for her life.

Fade - Please pray for them as they continue to prepare for our first concert this Saturday.

asks prayer for:
Natallie - "She is Manic Depressant is having a hard time. Please pray for her parent's peace of mind also."
"for my Mom and Dad's health."
"for peace and for the people of Kosovo."

Pastor Rick Curry - Cancer.

Doug Reynolds - "He is battling cancer and wants to see his 7 year old daughter grow up."

Linette - Cancer.

Charlotte's sister and Kaylom: "On April 13, she was to have a biopsy of a place on her back suspected of being melanoma. But when she went to have it, the place was growing lighter and the severe itching had lessened. She goes back for a checkup in 6 wks, and if it has continued to improve, she'll be taken off the "suspect" list. She is the grandmother of the little 4-yr-old Kaylom for whom we constantly pray God's protection. Neither she nor my nephew or Christian tho' they believe in God in a generic sort of way. They would not deny the divinity of Christ, but neither have they personally accepted Him." Kaylom has the flu. "I'm praying that God will bring good out of this evil of divorce, live-ins, and custody disputes, by bringing everyone involved to the Lord as He delivers Kaylom from danger."

Posted 4-19-99:

Preston - Needs faith to go through possible financial difficulty this summer.

Pastor Gary - Hungry for more of God's wisdom.

Josh's friend's dad - Has lung cancer and not expected to live.

Karrie Linduff - Has cancer. Prognosis is poor and may need salvation.

Betty - "in critical condition with a severe liver disease, is on a respirator, and her kidneys are failing."

John aka shortfuse - In car accident with serious injuries given 60% chance of recovery.

Mickie - "I desire a closer walk with the Lord, I can"t pray as I once did. My oldest daughter, married for 27 yrs. is now in lesbian relatioship, O please pray for her,I do not want her to go to hell! Please pray that I will grow stonger in the Lord."

Sherm - Leukemia.

Rachel - Someone close to her has betrayed her trust.

Leah - "recently diagnosed with cancer of the liver and lungs. Not a Christian and not responding to spiritual matters. Pray for her heart to receive Christ as her personal Savior and for her physical strength through chemo treatments."

Allen - "Please remember my husband Allen, in your prayers. I had to take him to the hospital this evening. The doctors thinks it may be a bacteria of some sort in his lungs. So he is being tested. For now he is on oxygen and IV's and taking breathing treatments."

Jan Downing - "...please pray for her and her family . Her son is being called to Europe. She does not yet know where he will be stationed, but has a young family."

Glover - "I would like to request prayer for my son Glover who is just finishing up his special training school after graduating from Marine Corps boot camp. He informed me he has just received his first orders, and he will be sent with other Special Anti-terrorist Forces to Kosovo."

Ryan - "has not shown any improvement on the reflux medication and it's now necessary for him to be treated for dehydration also. They may need to consider surgery on his stomach/small intestines."

Allen and Cindy Crosby - " husband allen and I are having some marital problems and he is considering moving out, my request is he doesn't move out now or ever and we find the tools needed to work through this so we may build our marriage stronger and happier than ever so we can live together til death do us part."

Chris Chester - Severe depression. Attempted suicide.

Debbie D. requests prayer for:
Marissa and baby girl Shelby - "who only weighs 2 lbs., is in ICU, with a lot of tubes and on a respirator."
Tony and Chonda - "he has liver cancer, is in his 20's and has been sent home to die, given 2 days to 2 weeks." (May need salvation.)
Mark Davis - "young man with uncurable cancer."
Debbie's brother Joe - "that he will stop running from the Lord, and fully surrender his life once again. He is in jail, awaiting time to go to prison, please pray this will give him the opportunity to share his testimony with others, as he turns his life around."
Debbie's neice Christy - "she is sick, going through a lot of stress, and has unspoken requests also." "Thanks to all who prayed for me during my recent surgery, praise God, I am on the road to recovery."

Rick and Karyn Snider - "to be blessed for situations in their Family Life."
Tracy - "healing in bowels."

Fred Thacker - Update: Has been disconnected from life support except for oxygen at night and dialysis is no longer being performed. However, after disconnection his blood pressure did come up some on its own.

Posted 4-16-99:

Susan and her husband - For God to help them stop smoking.

Jerry Schey - "I am at a very bad point right now and it is very dangerous for me right now. I don't know how much longer I can deal with this life!!!! It is horrible to live with myself day by day!!! I can't stand "me"!!!!!"

Bill Biscardi - He has been diagnosed with cancer of the throat and is on chemo and radiation. He is 62 years old and just retired. Pray for his recovery and for his family.

Update: "The Lord laid on Dianne's heart to go on and retire. She at one time was talking to a lawyer about her case against the Principal but the Lord showed her it was in her best interest to go on and retire. She thanks you as I do for all your prayers and support." Diane.

Sheila B. - Better communication and understanding between her and her parents.

Update: From Anonymous - "My request is the same this time. However, I do have a praise report. My husband has returned to our marriage, his son and most importantly, to the Lord. He attended a men's seminar on Tuesday night which served to show him areas where he had been remiss both in our household and spiritually. I praise God today and thank you for your prayers. Please continue to pray that he will not let Satan steal his joy again."

Julie Hodes asks: "My landlord Frank. ...strongly believes that you can be saved by your works. Also, please pray for me for two unspoken prayer requests."

asks: "The son of a friend of mine in Michigan was found dead, caught in a machine he had been working on. He was alone at his place of employment and wasn't discovered until late in the evening, after he should have returned home. The family has gone through much sadness in the past 5 months. The father of the family died after several strokes in December, the uncle of this young man died less than a month ago. The young man was only 33 years old. Pray for peace and comfort for the family."

Please continue to pray for the healing and recovery of Clara Lou McGuire, Fred Thacker, Ryan Arrington, Renita Holland, and Imo LeGrand.

Posted 4-15-99:

Update on Clara Lou McGuire: Today(4-15-99) we know the diagnosis was wrong. The platelet machine was not working properly. Nothing is wrong with her immune system. The water on her brain will go away by itself. She has a severe bladder infection and will soon be well!!! (4-14-99 - We now know Clara has two problems. The most immediate is her immune system is attacking itself destroying platelets. They have begun treating that by suppressing the immune system with steriods. Another problem but unrelated is they have found she has water on her brain. This has been the cause of her dizzyness and confusion. It will be necessary to have a neurosurgeon install a shunt to drain the water. But that will have to wait until the other problem is solved.)

Kate's husband - "He will be undergoing some training for work which is very difficult for him to go through. He has not yet learned to lean on the Lord with his worries. Therefore, my prayer is two-fold, please pray that he will do well in school from 4/26 thru 5/7 and that he will submit his life to the Lord. He is saved but not committed."

Richard McIntyre - Heart attack. Needs salvation.

John - Alcohol addiction and is pushing his family away.

Edward Ellingham - "healing and salvation. He is in the hospital with severe heart problems. Pray that his wife and sons will be strong through this." If you would like to send prayers for this family please send them to

Doris and Mary - "God's strength and help during these last two weeks of classes that I have as they are going to be very hectic and I am (hopefully) due to graduate soon. I ask the same for my friend Mary."

J Znoy - Who wrote: "please take me off your list, i cannot receive any more messages from you, i now worship the devil and your words go against my teachings."

Update on Fred Thacker: He had a seizure Monday while having dialysis and is back in Critical Care.

Ryan Arrington - Surgery today for hernia.

Renita Holland - In hospital for colitis.

Ed - Problem with back.

Posted 4-14-99:

Update on Clara Lou McGuire: We now know Clara has two problems. The most immediate is her immune system is attacking itself destroying platelets. They have begun treating that by suppressing the immune system with steriods. Another problem but unrelated is they have found she has water on her brain. This has been the cause of her dizzyness and confusion. It will be necessary to have a neurosurgeon install a shunt to drain the water. But that will have to wait until the other problem is solved.

Update on Fred Thacker: He had a seizure Monday while having dialysis and is back in Critical Care.

Stephanie's mother - Cancer.

Bob Larsen's Sons - "I have 4 sons ages 13, 16, 19 and 22. Please pray that God would give them a love of the truth and a desire to walk with Him."

Tornado protection update: "Four people have been confirmed dead and $14 million in damage has been accessed to the surrounding areas of Cincinnati damaged by the tornado. Thankfully tons of volunteers have reached out to help in rebuilding and donating clothes, etc to those who are in need.I'd like to ask for continued prayers for those who have to rebuild and who have lost loved ones."Kellie B

Larry - Addiction.

Ryan - (Three years old.) "Ryan has been sick for over a month now and has experienced digestive complications. The doctors are considering botulism, but won't know the results of the test until later this week."

Boy from Kosovo - Many of us saw him on the news. He witnessed the murder of his family by the serb army. Then, the house was set on fire. This boy had been shot in the arm and was unable to rescue his two year old sister who was still alive. He did escape to an aunt's house and did make it to a refugee camp but is severely traumatized.

Anonymous - "Please pray for our church. A young lady we have been really close to has fallen into adultery and is currently under church discipline. She is slandering and telling horrible lies about many people who over the past year have only helped her. She has approached another minister to marry her and her boyfriend and she has lied to him and condemned us also to him.. so much so that he believes and is blaming us for turning our backs on her and her two boys...."

Liz - "Please pray for me to keep my eyes on the Lord, and not lose sight of him through worldly people and things."

Anonymous - "Please pray for our family that all good will come to us....Thanks so much...Please pray..we need prayer."

Fred King - "has been given just a couple of weeks, suffering from renal failure and heart problems. Please pray for his daughter Helen to be strong through all this."

Ed - Unspoken requests.

Posted 4-13-99:

Please continue to pray about the entire situation in the Balkans. The horrendous loss of life. The terrible suffering...

Clara Lou McGuire - Did finally enter hospital yesterday with unknown illness. It has affected her blood platelets and she was given platelets last night.

SD - "for the doctors to find what is wrong with him and be able to treat it. He has been in hospital for 3 days with high temperature and none of the tests has shown what the problem is." Also pray for Mavis who is in a room next to SD and not doing well.

Kathie - Healing. Strength and comfort for her family.

Update: "for everyone that has been wandering about the family lost in the airplane: here is what I just received from: {lady rebel} They found the plane but haven't been able to get to it yet. They were try to fly in today with helicopters. the plane was in a tree and pretty broken up and they said they doubt ithere is likely any survivors."

Anonymous - "our church member had heart surgery today."

Anita - "Please pray for our family. We decided to have the memorial service for my Great-Grandma Karns this coming Sunday. She had decided to donate her body to Wright State University. We found out today that it will probably be 3-6 YEARS before they are done with the body."

Fred Thacker - Still in poor condition with many problems. Still in hospital after many weeks.

Anonymous - "For a friend who has not yet received Jesus and is on the brink of a decision. Also for another friend who experienced the death of a close friend, that God would send healing powers upon him and his family."

Posted 4-12-99:

Please continue to pray about the entire situation in the Balkans. The horrendous loss of life. The terrible suffering...

Rick Schultz - Surgery today.

Nancy - (From: Grammac ) "My daughter-in-law, has had cancer and had breasts removed, now she has a problem with her spine, and has developed phlebitis in her left lelg. She is trying to work, but is in a great deal of pain, has to take injections daily."

Sandy..... (in South Africa) .....has Leukemia
Liz and Steve...(in South Africa)....Marital Problems
My granddaughter Sheneal.......(in South Africa).....dabbling in satanism
Granddaughter Leighanne.........( ^ ^ ) and grandson Garth both into drinking and partying.
Also please pray for the rest of my family in South Africa (Submitted by Dee Gee)

Lawrence - "an 89 year-old church deacon, fell in his home and broke his hip. Doctors are now checking to see if he also suffered a stroke which may have caused his fall. Please keep him and his daughter (an only child) in prayer."

Barbara - God's guidance.

Cindy - "Her teenaged son has beaten her; daughter was abusing her last year and has moved out; severe family problems." (Anonymous)

Bobby Scarbrough - "heart attack 4-9-99 pray for complete recovery & strength for wife joann."

Chris - "he is 15 and his biological father is a devil worshiper. Chris has been saved and we had been reading the bible a lot and he was making a lot of improvement. His father has been coming against us very subtley and has now convinced Chris to move out and renounce all he has learned about he Lord."

BC - Guidance, wisdom, strength in job situation.

Anita Rundell - The right doors to open in job situation. Finding good affordable apartment. Success for Fade demo.

"Lung cancer though I've never smoked. Please pray for a remission."

Candi and her husband - "keep my husband in your prayers. We have mountains to climb on a daily even hourly basis. At times it is hard for us to keep our eyes upon our Lord."

Anonymous - "this mother has been sentenced to prison for accidentally killing her small child, she leaves behind 2 other small children. please pray that somehow the mother is put on probation and does not go to prison. the father doesn't have custody of the children and they are living with relatives."

Amy Bradley - 23 year old who disappeared off a ship a year ago.

Updates: Mo Matthews who had stroke has gone home. Clara Lou McGuire has improved some still very weak. She will go to the doctor today and hopefully enter hospital for treatment. Fred Thacker is still in poor condition.

Stan Davis - Alcohol/Drug addiction destroying his life.

Katrina Cox - Protection from those in the drug culture and that she would get on the right track with her life.

GK - Needs salvation.

Ed - Wisdom for areas of ministry.

Posted 4-9-99:

Please continue to pray about the entire situation in the Balkans. The horrendous loss of life. The terrible suffering...

Min. Dwayne Johnson - "from Morgan State Gospel Station went to 92Q, a worldly station to start a gospel program on Sundays from 6am to12pm.

John David Barrett - "born April 5, 1999. He has brain damage and low physical function. He has developed pneumonia, has been placed on a feeding tube. He is acidotic and they are trying to clear his blood. He was also born blue due to he cord being around his neck."

Jesse - "Jesse died this afternoon. Please remember his 2 teens..Josh and Colby.. as they try to cope."

Mike Grant - "he goes in for surgery on his eartomorrow (today)." Also I (Michael Thornton) would like your prayers to help me resolve a conflict with a neighbor."

Susanne - "She sudenly blacks out, and the doctors doesn't know what it is. And one more thing, pray that she get saved, because she is not saved yet!"

Debby's husband - "my husband is out of work, and our situation is getting bad. please pray that God will lead him to a good job that will last. he's a very hard worker, a former coal miner, but mining jobs are almost nonexistant now." Kent - "a 28 year old newlywed who was diagnosed with cancer yesterday."Submitted by

Jack - "who is seeking employment...he was laid off from work after christmas..He has now moved to columbus, Ohio. He has an apartment but needs a good paying job to make it on his own..." Submitted by Jack's parents:

Kellie in Ohio - Asks for protection from the tornados. Asks help for those not far from her who experienced much damage from tornados and some injuries.

Updates: Mo Matthews who had stroke was in much better shape yesterday still in hospital. Clara Lou McGuire has improved some still very weak. Fred Thacker still in poor condition but alive through the prayers of many.

Posted 4-8-99:

Please continue to pray about the entire situation in the Balkans. The horrendous loss of life. The terrible suffering...

Jack Richards - May have leukemia. Undergoing tests.

Jesse Ramirez - "50 yr old man with 2 teenaged boys. He is waiting for his 3rd or 4th kidney transplant. He developed pneumonia and went to the hospital last night(Tues., Apr. 6) Today, Wed., he has been moved to ICU, and the family has been called in." "11pm..He's on a respirator and possibly in a coma. He doesn't respond as far as they can tell. He's had to be resuscitated twice today. They think there is damage to his heart and that some of his brain may be dead."

Larry Davis - This is an update of what is going on with my marriage, After going to court this morning was advised by Jeris attorney (that she said she did not have) that she is going to file for divorce. I will soon be going off line as money is tight and with no income it will have to go but that also I leave to the Lords will!

Clara Lou McGuire - Has been ill for three weeks. At first thought she had flu but may be some other unknown virus. Very weak.

Mo Matthews - Severe stroke.

Sara Hobbs - "I need prayer for my husband, he is anxious about retirement. Pray for him that the Lord will give him wisdom and guidance on what the Lord thinks he should do. He is tired a lot, pray The Lord will protect him and give him peace concerning our finances.

Update: Mrs. Lois (Dolly) Eberle - Dolly had to have two units of blood yesterday, as she had lost quite a bit prior to the surgery due to internal bleeding. They did a CAT SCAN last evening, and found she's not losing any internally now. As of this afternoon, she is MUCH better, and may be able to go home tomorrow.

Update on Fred Thacker who is in a Fontana, California hospital. (As of Monday Fred had woke up and dialysis had been performed. Prayer is keeping him alive. His condition continues to be poor.) He had pneumonia then a problem developed with his blood platelets, and now his kidneys have shut down.

Posted 4-7-99:

Wisdom for the leaders involved in the conflict that it may come to an end quickly.

Southwestern Bell and Pacific Bell Internet services have created freee-mail addresses for families of the three American soldiers now held inYugoslavia. Those who want to send messages of support can do so at theaddresses below:

SSGT Christopher Stone:
SPC Steven M. Gonzales:
SSGT Andrew A. Ramirez:

Update: Just a note, the young Indian boy whom you were praying for (Autumn), went home from the hospital over this last weekend:) Praise the Lord. It is truly a miracle. From head injuries and multiple injuries to home fully alert and walking (slowly), and not talking yet (his jaws are still wired). That will all heal. I pray God will restore his spiritual life as well. It is truly an awake call for him.

Lisa Brettschneider and her family - "My grandma died last night. My parents are traveling to make arrangements. My aunt thinks that it is all her fault that her mother died. Please keep my whole family in your prayers."

Billy James, Jr - 14 yr old with cereal palsy never walked prayer god eases his pain.

Update from Todd White on church situation and Mrs. Lois (Dolly) Eberle - "She came through her abdominal surgery yesterday really well, but I just received a call that she has taken a turn for the worse. I really don't know all of the details, but the family member who called said it's very serious." Please continue to prayfor South Heights church in Sapulpa, OK. Todd asks that we pray for their outreach efforts this month that those efforts will bear fruit.

Update on Jerry Schey: She was offered a job but because of her degenerative eye disease she must use public transportation to go anywhere. There was not transportation to this place of employment. She is very upset because she says this was the first job anyone had ever offered her.

Brian - Addiction.

Dave and Debbie Perdue - "long time members and staff here at Bethlehem. Debbie has been involved in child care for many years...loving it...especially caring for the little babies.Yesterday, tragedy struck as she went to the crib of one of the young children in her care - 5 month old "Baby James" and discovered that he wasn't breathing. She called 911 and followed their instructions - fervently working on the young child to get him to breathe. When the paramedics arrived they continued this and transported him to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead. Such a tragedy."(From Baptist International News - David Stokes )

Ray Smith - Numbness and pain continues in his left arm apparently from a light stroke he had last year.

Update on Fred Thacker who is in a Fontana, California hospital - His condition continues to be poor. He had pneumonia then a problem developed with his blood platelets, and now his kidneys have shut down.

Posted 4-6-99:

Safety, provision, and spiritual condition of the hundreds of thousands of refugees fleeing Kosovar.

Protection for the many innocent people in Serbia and surrounding area.

Wisdom for the leaders involved in the conflict that it may come to an end quickly.

Maggie's friend, Angel - 'She is pregnant and she fell down some concrete steps and broke her left foot and her left wrist."

Donald Lamb, Sr. - He condition has deteriorated and his kidneys have begun to shut down.

Patty - "She used to be into fortune telling and other like things and then gave her heart to God. Her son who is now 21 is also plagued with demonic attacks."

Update: "Mrs. Lois (Dolly) Eberle, came through her extensive surgery this morning VERY WELL! She is recovering, and should be coming home in a few days."

Sara Hobbs - "I need prayer for my finances to improve. Also I need prayer for a healing. I have been ill recently."

Jerry Carr - We have had a bad report from the Neuroligist. He currently says he sees massive brain damage. He mentioned that he might even suspect damage to the brain stem. He has scheduled a catscan for tomorrow and will continue his assessment.(Submitted by: Virginia Wilday - )

Update on family with boys disrupting Lord's Supper ordinance: "Just a note to let you know how things went with the family whose unruly children were disrupting our Lord's Supper Service last evening and then walked out when I had to get on to them . . .
The grandmother (head of the clan) came in late this afternoon, picked up the family's (her, her husband, one of her daughters and her children, her son, his wife and her children by a previous marriage - these are the ones that won't behave in church and are so destructive) belongings. I heard her out in the auditorium, walked up to speak with her. When I got there, she handed me two sets of keys (hers and her husband's - he has been our SS Director and on the Finance Committee)."

Tracy Goss' mother, Virginia Gross - Suffering from Lower Back Pain.

Barbara - Confused.

Sherry - "She is having both kneecaps replaced tomorrow (April 6th)."

Update on Fred Thacker who is in a Fontana, California hospital. His condition continues to be poor. He had pneumonia then a problem developed with his blood platelets, and now his kidneys have shut down.

Posted 4-5-99:

Safety, provision, and spiritual condition of the hundreds of thousands of refugees fleeing Kosovar.

Protection for the many innocent people in Serbia and surrounding area.

Wisdom for the leaders involved in the conflict that it may come to an end quickly.

Christine Coleman - "Please pray for my family and myself. I recently lost my grandfather and this will be the first holiday without him. Also for a dear friend of mine who is going through a tough time and being falsely accused of horrible things. The last couple of weeks I have been depressed."

Anita Rundell - Job interviews. Open doors and wisdom.

Richard Miller and family - Their plane is missing. It took off from an airport in Colorado a few days ago.

Stephan Borgens' father-in-law Ben Perez - "He had a heart attack and now needs surgery. Kidney's are also damaged. He needs a miracle before the surgery this coming thursday.

Stephanie's Mom - In much pain with unknown illness. Causing stress on family.

David Alberts and his wife - My daughter Cassandra died March 9 after only living 5 days.

Maurice Johnson - Glaucoma.

Chip - On kidney-pancreas transplant waiting list.

Barbara - Cancer.

Raymond and June Alexander - Raymond has prostate cancer and just completed treatment for it. June may have cancer and will soon undergo tests. Uncertain as to spiritual condition.

David - "After retina surgery, I have a distortion in my right eye, it seems that it has corrected as much as it can the surgery was in 1996, I had retina surgery in my left eye last year but it was caught early and recovery has been good. Pray for me and the leaders of our Country as well as our men and women in the armed forces."

Todd White - "Please be in prayer for one of our members, Mrs. Dolly Eberle, who is having major surgery (Today.). Please also be in prayer for a large family in our church who walked out of our observance of the Lord's Supper because I had to call down a couple of their kids (on is 15, the other is at least 12) because they wouldn't behave while we were right in the middle of the ordinance."

Patty - Needs deliverance.

Update on Fred Thacker who is in a Fontana, California hospital. (Thursday night he briefly woke up and knew everyone but is in a semi - coma condition.) His condition is poor. He had pneumonia then a problem developed with his blood platelets, and now his kidneys have shut down.

Clara Lou McGuire - Slightly improved but still is not well.

RS - Improving but still has numbness in arm and hand possibly from light stroke.

Posted 4-2-99:

Update on Debbie Davis: "Came through surgery fine." Asks that we pray this be the last surgery she needs to correct previous mistake. Also requests prayer for five year old nephew who is in hospital, dehydrated with bronchitus and other ailments.

Destiny - "5 year old kindergartnr, who has diabetis, is in critical condition. she had to have part of her colon removed, a bowel resection and now has PERITONITIS.... In ICU at A Children's Hospital."

The three captured soldiers.

Anonymous - Young man attending Bible college who is struggling with an internet porn addiction.

Allen and Jenifer - Baby Christians. The devil is trying to shake their faith.

C. Demele requests: "prayers for my neighbor's infant son, Christopher Bowland, who received terrible 3rd degree burns last night, and has been flown to a burn unit in Portland, Oregon. Christopher and his parents could use lots of prayers."

Gina - "divorced..reuniting our family. the world will not understand this...we know the power of jesus christ...he has forgiven, and so have we. please pray for our children, and us."

J. W. and Verda Turner - "my heart is very heavy right now due to a misunderstanding with my daughter."

Elizabeth Cunningham - "I just smoked my last cigarette tonight and need the help of the saints through prayer that our Lord give me the strength not to pick another one up. Please pray for my friend Ed who has a brain tumor and they say he has only 1 to 2 years to live. Please pray for my best friend Dawn who has lost her faith. Also for my parents who will be driving from California to Texas, so they may have a safe trip."

Update on Fred Thacker who is in a Fontana, California hospital. (As of Wednesday night he was slightly improved his blood platelets had begun to work again. This was completely unexpected!) His condition is poor. He had pneumonia then a problem developed with his blood platelets, and now his kidneys have shut down.

Clara Lou McGuire - (Improving) Has flu or similar illness.

RS - (Unknown) Under treatment for confusion caused by medication.

Posted 4-1-99:

Jerry Schey - "Please keep me in prayer? I am going through a very discouraging time in my life and thoughts are here again to end my life!!!!! Sometimes more then just thoughts!!"

Jeffrey S. - Suicidal.

Marilyn Kranz - "My daughter wants me to come and live with her. She has an autistic 5 rear old son. I'm praying for God's direction in the matter and would appreciate the support of the Saints for God's leading to be definate before moving from Florida to California."

Gene Richards' brother-in-law, Jim Smith - "My sister Margie just took him to the hospital. He'll be having tests for a possible blot clot. He has a red line going down his left arm..stroke? phlebitis? We don't know..."

Fern Kirk family - Comfort and peace.

Alden Ellis - "I had surgery yesterday on my shoulder and it is really taking a toll on me emotionally and especially physically."

Ken Wheeler asks: "Pray For Sherry's Father Donald Lamb, Sr who is in the hospital in Streator, IL with pneumonia and congestive heart failure. Also, Pray for Sherry's and my grandson Adam Brocker who was born with a broken sternumbone who now has to go into Riley's Children Hopsital on Tusday April 6th and find out what type of surgery will be needed. Adam is now 12 years old and his mother our daughter has been told by local Doctors for past ten years that there was nothing wrong, but now it has became a critical problem."

Anonymous - Her husband is "mad at God" and seems to be running from his call from God. It has made him difficult to live with. She and her family need strength and wisdom to cope with this situation.

Pauline asks (She lives in Hong Kong.): I am recovering from my sickness. Today I am going to Toronto to see my brother and sister. Will be home at April 10. But my brother is already complaining that I only spend such a short time with him. It is not going to be a happy holiday. Please pray for me. (He is a very strange person, cannot trust his own family!). A student (12 year old) was run down by a truck, a hit and run case, and she has been unconscious since Saturday night. Please pray for her, Chu Mum Ting.

: "I am asking prayer for my friend Dianne, she is an Exceptional Children's Teacher. For the last few months her Principal and one of the Assistant Principals have been giving her a hard time. To make matters worse the Principal asked her not to come back to work until further notice because Dianne raised her voice at the Assistant yesterday at school. Others along with Dianne feel like the Devil is really busy in the school."

Anita Rundell asks: "Please continue to pray for my great-grandma, Alice Karns." They plan to do surgery today to repair damage to her wrist that was caused from a fall. She also needs surgery on her hip but they have decided it would be too much for her. She has alzheimers.

Update on Fred Thacker who is in a Fontana, California hospital. His condition is poor. He had pneumonia then a problem developed with his blood platelets, and now his kidneys have shut down.

Clara Lou McGuire - Has flu or similar illness.

Posted 3-30-99:

Update: (From KBuck "...on my grandson, Joshua -- he is doing fine after tv accident (TV had fell on him.) ....appetite has diminished somewhat again, which isn't good...he's only gained 2.2 lbs. since Jan. 26th when he was born, and has already been in the hospital for "failure to thrive." Please pray for God's continued protection over him and that he'll continue to thrive and grow. Oh, and for some strange reason, Child Protective Services hasn't shown up at the home to investigate the accident (They were planning to investigate the parents for the accident, which was an accident.).

Update from Michael Thornton on Mary McNeal who had a heart attack: She "is out of critical condition, and is at home.

Update from Suzanne Aston: "I asked for prayer that Rob, my husband, would find a job soon. Today he was hired by a school bus company. The owner of the company also has a construction company. Rob will be working for him in the summer driving trucks for the construction company. Our gas is not being turned off. We are still very tight for money, but I know God will see us through."

Update on Pastor J. D. Morris from Frances Spearman: "Please keep Pastor J.D. Morris of Denver NC, & his wife Sonya in your prayers. This past week, Pastor went back to the hospital for another bone marrow test and Praise the Lord....there are NO Signs of the Leukemia! He had to be given some blood platelets because his blood count was still low. The doctor also found a type of bacteria in Pastor's blood (h-pyrori) whick causes ulcers. He's had alot of stomach problems and infections since the stem cell transplant & chemo and has suffered so much. He is taking medications to help with these problems."

These are ill: Clara Lou McGuire, Wilma Fowler, OK Henson, Louise Perry, Elma Henson, Tammy Whipkey and Edmond Logan.

HA - Needs revival in his heart.

GK - Needs salvation.

Posted 3-28-99:

Update on Fred Thacker - Fred was slightly improved as of Saturday evening. However, he is still seriously ill and still hospitalized. His blood platelets seem to be attacking themselves. Unclear as to why this is occurring.

Jim's sister, Patty - She has one kidney and was rushed to the hospital last night (Friday), near death.

Sheila B. - "Please pray for my mind to be set free..satan torments me with stuff."

Cindy - "My husband and I are facing multiple "storms" these days; and I confess, I am not handling them with much grace."

Anonymous - She asks that we pray for her husband, Jim, who was wrongly incarcerated.

Israel - Asks continued prayers for victory over the enemy in his life.

Norman - "Thank you for your prayers. I'm feeling better now, but would like to be kept in your prayerd a little longer if I can."

HA - Needs revival in his heart.

GK - Needs salvation.

Posted 3-26-99:

Please pray about the situation in Kosovo.

Update: "God is awesome! Larry had surgery yesterday and instead of the doctors finding Cancer they found a large cist filled with fluid!!! God IS GOOD

Zee - Needs salvation.

Allen and Mary Moore - For Allen's health and salvation. Also for Mary's health because she has MS.

Mills family - God's guidance for them as they seek a church home.

Anonymous - Someone who will have labor induced soon because baby is underweight. Both she and her husband need salvation.

Fred Thacker - Who is gravely ill. Unknown illness at this point. Blood platelets are very low. Unable to wean from respirator. Did have Pneumonia and had improved but now is much, much worse. In hospital in Fontana, California.

Ballet Exaltation - Left yesterday for mission tour in Belo Horizante, Brazil.

Bishop - "...the enemy is giving me a battle on all sides. The arthritis that I have had problems with has settled in my wrists and last night I couldn't sleep because the pain was so hard, this winter has been the worse one that I have seen."

Someone in Trouble in Alabama - Her step-son is high on drugs again after going to church last Sunday. Her daughter is also ill.

Hope - "She has extensive cancer and needs to decide whether or not to take any further treatment. She is a Christian. Her unbelieving husband refuses to let her church's members care for her at home while she recuperates from recent surgery, but neither will he and he behaves hatefully toward her. Their three children are also unbelievers...."

Nena De Vera - Underwent a hip surgery.

Kris - "I need direction from God and peace I am a single mom just want to stay home and care for my child while he is little feel very alone, family problems."

Mechelle Hall's sister - Adverse reaction to medication for migraines.

Maggie asks:
Pray for Amy Bradley, who disappeared off a ship in South America one year ago as of the 24th.
Pray for Baby Sabrina, who was stolen from her crib November, 1997.
Pray for all missing persons and their families.
Pray for the military personnel.
Pray for Russia and China not to retaliate.
Pray for Patty. Her grandmother is dying of cancer.
Pray for my son as he has to make a big decision that will affect his future.
Pray for my daughters to love each other.
Pray for the all the prayer warriors.

HA - Needs revival in his heart.

GK - Needs salvation.

Diane Beckum - Begins chemo for cancer March 30 at Columbia, South Carolina.

Anita Cannon's daughter - Protection for her as she goes to Uganda to serve as a nurse this summer.

Posted 3-25-99:

Update from "Someone in Trouble in Alabama": "My daughter in law and step son went to church tonight, their church prayed for my son. I know the church he attends along with all the nice christian friends (due to your putting him on the prayer list) has worked." Please continue to pray for her step-son and her family.

Bryan and Jen - God's will to be done about whether their relationship continues or ends and also God's will to be done in both of their lives.

Rico Bradley - God's will to be done in his life and situation. He is a 25 year old American living in Indonesia. His career is just now taking off but violence is escalating in the country and his family would like for him to leave the country.

Kris - Needs healing.

Larry Davis - His wife has left and claims he has abused her but has not. However, her previous husband did. He also says, "Jeri has seizures and has fallen many times and banged her head and body and given herself many bruises and black eyes and was asked every time at the hospital DID your husband hit you she would always say NO MY HUSBAND WOULD NOT DO THAT! Now the Dr could tell that the injuries were due to the falls from seizures. But what I am going through now is not any legal trouble but rather a trust issue. I mean, how do I trust her that if I let her back she won't do the same thing again? (falsely accuse me). Oh I forgot to tell you when she left she took ALL Money, food stamps, even the last roll of TP, has closed the bank account, took me off the afdc case, which leaves me with no medical ins, food or income, oh and also caused the mortgage check to bounce, and I too am disabled and have no income other than the afdc & Jeri's SDI which was enough to pay all the bills we had but not much more than that.

Sonny - That he would get on the right track with his life and have revival in his heart.

Posted 3-24-99:

Please pray about the situation in Kosovo.

Please pray for those impacted by damage of cyclone to Exmouth, Australia.

Kim Jewell asks: Please pray for my friend Tracy, who is having surgery done today 3-23-99 to drain fluid out of her spine. Also Please pray for my little brother who is having surgery Wed. 3-24-99, he has 3 large lumps on his neck and the doctors don't know what it is until they open it up at the surgery. Please pray that it isn't cancer and they can be removed with no problem, I love my brother so much and he is only 25 and we all need him! Also pray for both for their Salvation!

Denisa Berger - "Please pray for Barry who is under severe demonic attack at a drug and alcohol treatment centrer.

Anna's friend, Anthony - "He's been a good friend of mine for a year or so. A while back, he fought in the Gulf War. Now, he suffers from the Gulf War syndrome. He has no feeling in his left arm, horrible pain in his back, and he has to sleep on and carry around a breathing machine, because sometimes his body stops breathing, and they don't know why. They may have a cure for him, and during this Easter season, he has to travel to North Carolina to get some tests run. He's not in the marines anymore, rather, he's returned to the Church. Now, he asks for our prayers. So now I ask you to help. Please, my name is Anna. E-mail me at , and put "prayers" in the subject line, if you will pray for him ... I'd like to know so I can keep him posted every now and then. He doesn't know I'm doing this for him. I'd like to surprise him though."

Donna - Her job is being threatened and she has been ill.

Anita - That God will show her specifically what she is to do.

Anonymous - Job situation causing much stress/turmoil for a family.

BC's step-daughter's little boy - "Seriously sick with some type of virus."

Edmond Logan - He is having severe back pain. Yesterday (Monday), we took him back to a pain clinic to have the last of three shots of cortisone in back that he can have for six months. Cannot have surgery because of heart problems. Still having severe pain today.

Posted 3-23-99:

Update: Darcy Berard reports - "Your prayers helped a lot, thanks. My Mom seems to be getting better and stronger."

Edmond Logan - Severe back pain. Yesterday had last of three shots of cortisone in back at pain clinic that he can have for six months. Cannot have surgery because of heart problems. Still having pain.

Pat and her husband - Surgery today for torn ligament in left knee. Also pray for Pat as she is disabled and will need additional strength to care for her husband while he is recovering.

Larry Heard - Heart problems.

Matt Trammel - Hit in eye with a paint ball.

Doris Torres - Requests prayer so she may do well on an exam she has Thursday.

Someone in Trouble in Alabama (Requested name not be given.) - "Please pray for my family. My step son and his wife are having bad problems. He has turned to drugs again. My precious daughter in law needs prayer. She loves my step son so much. She is a chirstian and both are attending church however my step son is in fact smoking pot, taking some type of pills and other possible drugs. He is very hateful to her when he does this. My step son has been married previously and has a 4 yr old little boy. He lives with his natural mom and she too does drugs. Drugs Drugs Drugs, everywhere I turn. My husband (my step son's father) used to drink a lot.

This is so very sad, when they get together I am so afraid he will start back drinking, please do not use my name but please have people pray for our family. I am so scared that my husband will start back drinking from the pressure of my step son getting back on drugs. My step son got saved after he met the girl he is married to now but she says the harder she prays, the further he drifts from her and God.

Please I beg of all Christians that may read this helpl I do not want my husband nor my step son to die and I feel death all around them as they have had so many chances to straighten up their lives. I have a 20 year old daughter, she will be marrying soon, the person she is going to marry is a Chirstian so God has not put more on me than I can bear but I need help from God so Please Please pray for my family."

Posted 3-22-99:

Anne W. and her family - That they "will accept Jesus Christ and be healed of all body, mind, and spiritual problems." (Submitted by Sheila )

Teressa Francisco - She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer on Thursday, March 18. Chemo begins soon. (Submitted by Scott Sharman )

Mary McNeal has had a heart attack and is in critical condition.(Submitted by Michael Thornton )

Dave Deras - Cancer. Lives in Flowermound, Texas.
Taylor Nack - Nine months old. Will have surgical procedure Monday for gastrointestinal problems at Lewisville, Texas.
Fred Thacker - Much better but still in hospital in Fontana, California.
Floy Gardner - Several problems. Recovering from broken hip. 95% blockage in neck artery. Needs surgery but unable to endure it at this point. Diabetes. Lives in Arlington, Texas.
Debbie Davis - she faces serious surgery Monday in Pine Bluff, AR.
Tim Waters-Has Leukemia, as has only 6 months to live, pray for peace for him and his family, he is a Christian.
Crystal VanKilsdonk - I'm writting you this email because I am the only Christian in my household. I asked God into my heart on October 28, 1998. I'm so glad I did, but my parents don't feel the same way. I love them so much, but it hurts me to know that they are not going to heaven. I just need some prayer that you help me lead my parents and brother to Christ!
Jim & Judy's 17 year old daughter Bethany has suffered headaches for some years now. A CAT Scan done Wednesday shows a spot on the image. The doctor says he believes it is just a "blurry place" on the image and nothing in her brain, but he wants to do an MRI and an MRA Friday 3/26 to be sure. Please pray that it indeed will be only a blurry spot in the image.

Ann Wong (and her husband) - "My husband was fired from his job this week for sexuall harrasment.. He did not do it. Please pray for him to find emplyoment very soon, he has a interview on wedsday 3-24-99 and has to test for the job. I also need prayer for myself, I am in prison ministry and need strength and guidence and also strength for and guidence for my family.

Ruth asks us to pray for her son - The more I pray the farther he seems to be getting from God. Also his friend Christy, she needs the Lord in her heart.

Patty, her husband and family - Please pray for their protection as she says they are being attacked by some kind of evil spirit and are all frightened.

Sonny - That he would get on the right track with his life and return to the Lord.

Posted 3-19-99:

Update: Trooper Micah Whittington, who was involved in an accident on Sunday, has already been released from the hospital and is at home continuing his recovery with his family. Trooper Whittington was able to speak with the father whose condition is very good. His 15 year old son has recovered miraculously. There is no blame which helps in the healing process. Please continue to pray for the family and Trooper Whittington's recovery. (Sent by Scott Jay )

Jennie asks:
Jennie's friend - Has had heart attack and has pneumonia. Also, reconciliationis needed for her and her daughter.
Don - Has cancer and is very weak.

Linda asks:
Please pray for my son's young friend (Autumn Sels), he is 17, he was in an auto accident yesterday. They care flighted him to Las Vegas. It looks very serious.

Ken Wheeler - Has pneumonia.

(Mr.) Connie Pierce - Needs salvation.

Lue Berard - She has colon cancer and appears to be dying. Please prayfor here and the family. Sent by her daughter, Darcy.

Charlie - Surgery.

Diane Bailey - Please pray for me that the Lord will give me protection and show me what he wants me to do regarding a move I may be making. Pray for me that the Lord will guide by his holy spirit to do the right thing regarding this move. I really need prayer for satan to be bound, as I have been under a lot of attack lately. I need protection.

Revival/Spiritual Awakening in Sweetwater, Oklahoma.

Posted 3-18-99:

Please pray for families of those who died or were injured in train accident in Ilinois. Also, please pray for the many who were injured.

FADE - A Christian folk music duo has asked for our prayers. It is composed of Anita Rundell and Rick George. Anita says that they “sense the devil fighting against them.” Here is some information about them: Their name comes from John 3:13, “He must become greater, I must become less.” Their first demo will be available by the end of April. They will be in concert Saturday, April 24 in Maumee, Ohio at the Solid Rock Cafe (affiliated with the Christian Radio Station 89.3 YesFM). They are currently seeking churches where they may perform special music at Sunday services or full concerts. Their mission is to “glorify the Lord and to reach others with the truth about Jesus.” Find out more about them at: you may contact them by email:

Update on Vicky's Dad: "He has recv'd a new heart and is a star patient per UCLA for having a heart transplant. There is still a long road ahead but praiseGod for his intervention and healing."

Update on Nicola (Had accident and was not expected to live.): Her voice sounds like she is much better even though she is still in pain. She has gotten through the worst and seems to be mending.

Mark Geppart and Mike Cacres (Both missionaries) - They are both in a Muslim prison in Indonesia. "Our church received a phone call a short time ago informing them that two our our missionaries have been arrested and are now in prison."

Please pray for the safety of Christians in Indonesia duringa time of turmoil in that country.

Marta St George and Jim Franklin - Both have Cancer.
Joe Zito - "Struggling to find his life with Godand struggle against Shizophrania."
Michael Zito - "Struggling with getting back to his family."

Laurie Miller's sister in law - "Breathing problem. She is very sensitive to smells, and it turns into a asthma attack."

Posted 3-17-99:

Please pray for families of those who died or were injured in train accident in Ilinois. Also, please pray for the many who were injured.

Randy Johnson and his wife - “Me and my wife ask you pray for us, we just got saved Dec. 21, 1998 and we got a lot to learn about the lord. We ask you to pray for us that we never go back doing what we were doing before. God has been good to us never thought it would be like this, couldn't ask for anything better.”

Pastor in Washington state - Former member of his online Bible study group says they found out that he is gay and he is unrepentant of his lifestyle.

Norman - "Thanks for your prayers. I am still experiencing some symptoms of my Pneumonia, so I would greatly appreciate your continued prayers."

Scott Jay asks: "Please pray for Oklahoma State Trooper Micah Whittington. Was involved in an a motor vehicle accident. Trooper Whittington had a family of three sitting in his car with him while he was getting information on their accident in which no one was injured. A semi-truck jack knifed, hitting his patrol unit. The father was injured but in stable condition. The 15 year old son is in critical condition and is not expected to live. The mother was killed on impact. Trooper Whittington suffered a broken neck a lower back injuries. The doctor could not explain to his wife why he wasn't paralyzed or even dead because of the severity of the C-5 and C-6 fractures. Trooper Whittington is suffering not only physcially but also emotionally. The family involved was from Arizona and was travelling. Please pray for them and the rest of their family that God would bring them peace and understanding through this horrible tragedy."

Christine - Salvation & protection from false saviors.
Vawn - Cancer.
Tammy T.'s uncle - Dialysis, heart attack, gangrene, diabetes in his 70's.
Cyndi & Marcellus (2yo) - Husband left them for another woman from church.
Paul McLain - Guidance from the Lord for his ministry.
Mike Hyde - Intimate personal relationship with Jesus.
Clark Hyde - Rapid recovery from emergency surgery Sunday.
Champ M. - Healing from blisters on lower legs.
Charlotte - She has obtained her pastor's permission to start an "Experiencing God" study but says, I've run into nothing but roadblocks in finding a teacher.

Maggie - To find a good job as a bookkeeper. "I have been unemployed since July and the unemployment ran out in January. A large tax refund helped me to catch up on my bills, but from now on, I have no income at all."

Steven (young boy) and two young girls (unrelated to Steven) - Please pray for their protection.

Suzanne and her family - She has two children, Elizabeth and Gabrielle. Elizabeth is 17 months old and Gabrielle is 7 months old. My husband became unemployed about a month ago. He is not able to receive unemployment compensation. I'm self employed with a small photo scanning business, and selling items on Ebay. This does not bring in enough to pay the bills and rent. Pray that my husband, Rob, will find a job within the next week or two. We are running out of money fast, and our rent is coming due soon. Some of our utilities are being threatened to be turned off.

Juanita Coffey - Improvement in quality of life.

Linda - That she would be able to move back home to be with her parents.

Posted 3-16-99:

Sandra Mann - Away from home this week for training with husband and five children at home. Has some depression. Also asks prayer for youth retreat March 24-26.

Kevin - (Laura Blevins asks) "To keep Kevin safe while he is in the 'hole' and that he will keep God's love alive while he is in prison."

Norman - Healing of Pneumonia .

Mando sends these requests:
Vicky and her kids - In accident. Three year old is fine. Angel has mild whiplash and Vicky has severe whiplash and stiff back.
Vicky's Dad - Having heart transplant. Surgery began yesterday afternoon.
Mando - His knee has had a relapse from the motorcycle accident and is badly swollen.

Karen sends these requests:
"Joshua -- my grandson -- 4 yr old granddaughter was trying to push tv back on table and it began to fall on Joshua who is 6 wks old....granddaughter straightened her arms to brace tv from falling on her baby brother and wasn't strong enough to keep tv from falling, but managed to cushion the blow. Daddy was sleeping close by and heard Joshua's scream; daddy removed tv and administered CPR to Joshua to get him breathing again. Eyes rolled back into his head. We took him to the hospital and CT Scan was services and Child Protective Services now involved."

"Kelly -- 20 yr old young woman who is a friend of my daughter's who overdosed on several medications for the past two days. She is now in the psych unit of the local hospital and VERY depressed because a young man broke her heart. This young man was not a Christian, and she has been involved in many of the worldly lusts: illicit sex, drugs, alcohol, rock-n-roll music. She is a single mom and her parents are threatening to take custody of her daughter who is 2-1/2 yrs old. They have pumped her stomach and gotten most of the medication out. Please pray that the Lord Jesus will give me the words to minister to her."

"Kristen -- my daughter -- away from the Lord Jesus and into fornication, lust, drugs, alcohol, etc., and needs much prayer to return to Jesus. She once served Him with all her heart and soul, and now has had a child out of wedlock, and is living with the father of the child, who won't work, takes drugs all the time, has been declared legally crazy, and uses my daughter as a punching bag."

"Paul -- my husband -- has been unemployed since Dec. 14, 1998 due to the economic downturn in the oil and gas industry. He has passed all the prerequisite testing to get on at the local phone company and is awaiting an interview. Unemployment is due to run out in 3 months and there is no other promise of a job."

"Karen -- myself -- continued healing and deliverance from demonic strongholds and a continued desire to read the Word and pray. Also need freedom from tormenting spirits and tormenting dreams of my past. I have renounced all previous connections with occult but have still been tormented for years. I also need healing and deliverance from bipolar disorder (manic depression), and the freedom from the medications that I must take on a daily basis to be able to function."

Edmond Logan - Severe pain from back.
Fred Thacker - Pneumonia. In hospital in Fontana, California.
Billy Goode - In hospital for treatment of mental problems.
Ora Lee Robert's mother - Very ill and in hospital.
Ray Smith - Injured hand which had already been causing pain.
Bonita Wrather - May need knee replacement.

Two men who just came to my door asking for money. They said they were on their way to Montana to find work.

Posted 3-14-99:

Sharon Miller's daughter, Tonya - She "is emotional distrubed. Has been involved in all sorts of drug abuse, sexual acting out, been in prison, and is not getting the help she needs. She claims to have accepted Jesus as Savior, but Satan continues to have strongholds over her.

Jr asks: "When I was 19 years old (34 years ago), I was a virgin. I was raped by a guy (Don). I have just found out that Don is dying with cancer. Doctor has told him he has only 2 weeks. My friend and her husband (he works with Don) are going to visit him this Sunday. I have sent word to him that I forgive him for what he did to me 34 years ago. I AM ASKING THAT EVERYONE PRAY FOR HIS SOUL. I don't know if he ever got saved or not."

Nicola Schimmelpfennig - "has been gravely injured and has been told she will die within the next 48 hrs." (Received this Friday and have not had an update.)

Tim - "I'm asking my family in Christ to pray an URGENT petition to the Lord that he will open the door to a job for me by April 15,1999."

Posted 3-12-99:

Aaron Russell Steinmetz - (This child has been recovered.) Missing three year old last seen with his father.

Other missing children who need our prayers:
Erika, age nine. Missing since 2-26-99. Stranger abduction.
Shannon age two and a half at time of abduction. Missing since 6-3-97. Stranger abduction.
(As of date and information provided these children are still missing.)

Jerry Schey - Needs God's protection.

Jean's son: "I am the single parent of a 17 year old boy who, for about a year or so, back in about 1994-1995 was involved in a satanic cult in the town that we lived in at the time. The internal conflict that went on inside him between good and evil was tremendous and eventually, in approx. 1 year, he left the group, by telling then. I should say that all of this was done without my knowledge. I was in the "infant" stages of my christian walk at that time and did not recognize the work of satan at the time. He has been out of this cult for over three years now and, I believe, in his heart, he has completely turned from satan and accepts Jesus as his Savior. So why am I writing to you? Because I believe that he is still in the grips of satan with sexual deviations."

Posted 3-11-99:

Baby Elijah - Just 2 months old, has RSV, he has been in the hospital on oxygen.

Aaron Russell Steinmetz - Missing three year old last seen with his father.

Jewels - In a coma.

Revival for Caldwell, Texas during Easter weekend meetings.

Posted 3-10-99:

Praise Report: Keith Wood who appeared to have bone cancer does not!!

Jim - "Please continue praying for my Dad. Doctors think he is suffering from emphysema. He is still not coherent. Also, another request: I have been working at a Christian radio station. The owner has lost the station to the previous owner who wants to sell the station. The only serious inquirer wants it for business income alone, with no concern for ministry. The format could even be changed. We - my wife and I - are trying to secure backing to purchase the station and keep it on in the spirit of Christian ministry."

"It seems I was too quick to announce my good news: as of last night, the abusive boyfriend was back in the house with my 4-yr-old nephew (Kaylom). But come to think of it, we can never be premature in thanking God and giving Him the glory for deliverance, despite the circumstances."

Vernon Rose - Cancer.

Earl Tucker - Eighty-two year old with diabetes and heart problems. Because of sores not healing must have leg amputated.

"I have a prayer request.. my friend is pregnant, she is 17, her pregnancy is not going well she is spotting and the doctors say the baby will not make it, she wants nothing to do with God"

Scotty Welsch - Needs salvation.

Rachel - From her parents: "Our 16 year old daughter Rachel is facing some difficult trials in her high school. She is very bright and has never had a serious problem with her school work. Rachel believes in God and has been working hard and praying for God to meet her needs. Right now, for reasons unknown Rachel is failing at least three subjects that we know of. We believe that this is a lie and an attack of the enemy. Rachel's hopes are to get excepted into medical school after she graduates. Her G.P.A. has gone down and she is going through an incredible amount of stress. Rachel also has Crohn's disease and we are concerned that all the stress she is going through is going to cause her disease to flair up."

"Please continue to remember Joe and Lisa McIntyre. Also Cameron Simmons, a newborn with a heart defect, but is doing much better, Also please pray for the two families at Children's Hospital that may lose their children."

Posted 3-9-99:

George Kennybrook - "They found out that his body is filled with cancer, so that it is pressing on the stomach walls enough that he can only eat a couple of ounces of soup or yogurt and needs healing if it is the will of the Lord."

Debbie Davis' brother Joe, and his wife Lisa - "They are both in jail for different reasons and at different places--they are both lost souls, please pray that they will realize that our Lord is giving them a chance to make good out of bad and that they will rededicate their lives to the Lord. Please pray for me, I will be having more surgery on March 22--please pray that I will heal better this time, that the Lord will touch me with His healing power."

Jake Spearman Family - Comfort, peace, and help for them. Jake Spearman is Frances Spearman's Father-in-Law.

Amanda Catherine Ackley - Appears to need salvation.

Johnny Vaughn - Appears to need salvation.

Betty Davis - Liver disease. Needs transplant.

Posted 3-8-99:

An update on little Brandon (from Suzi), whose neck was broken. He is recovering and is currently in Burrough's institute. Thank you, thank you for all of your prayers for him and his family.

Lavena Rose - Praise report: Thought to have had a reoccurrence of cancer but was found to be only scar tissue!

McFadden Ranch in the TX Juvenile Justice System - New program to remove gang tattoos.

Beryl's friend - She is depressed and on medication.

Mike C's wife - That she will support her husband as he ministers.

Lisa in Harrisburg, Illinois - Seventeen year old in coma as result of an accident.

McLean family - Peace and comfort.

Travis Miller - Four year old to have surgery for congenital heart defect.

Joey - Twelve year old who is mildly mentally handicapped and has lost his mother in a car accident. Joey was also injured.

Buddy - Has had two bad marriages and painful divorces. Planning to marry again to someone he has known for only four or five months.

Bee's brother - That he would return to the Lord.

Chase - That he would have the strength to return to the Lord.

Kevin - Six year old who has been missing since 2-5-99.

Eliza - Thirteen year old missing in Texas since 1-18-99.

Arthur - Fifteen year old who is incarcerated. His mother requests prayer that he will be released in the year 2000.

Ruth - Clinical depression and panic attacks.

Alex Phelps - Broke hip.

Posted 3-5-99:

Lara's Dad - Surgery.

Gina - Drugs/wrong crowd. Needs to get out of the sinkhole.

Marshall Baily - Confusion/dizzy and has fallen some.

David Cougle's friend Cyrstal - In a coma from a car accident.

Chris James - "I need prayer for deliverance from depression and suicidal tendencies. some times Its so bad I feel like I want to die. please pray for me I need hope again in my life. thank you for praying for me."

Linda and Larry - Serious financial problems.

Elva's nephew - Brain tumor.

Maggie's friend has asked for prayer for her friend's 7 month old baby. The baby has a temperature of 106.7° and the doctors don't know what is wrong. They are giving him Tylenol and applying cold compresses, but the fever isn't coming down.

Scott Jay - I am a deputy sheriff in Beckham County, Oklahoma. On February 6 I was involved in a tragic accident in which a 13 month old infant was killed and the other passengers in the vehicle were severely injured. On February 21, the driver of the vehicle that I hit passed away also. This has been a very difficult time for me eventhough the accident was not my fault, there is no escaping the fact that I was part of the act. I want to thank each of you for praying for me. Without Jesus, many many friends, prayer, and a loving family, I don't believe I would have made it through this horrible tragedy. There is hope and HEALING!!!! I have a 15 month old daughter and I can identify with "parental love". The loss of the little William in the accident crushed my heart. But, the awsome power of God never ceases to amaze me. Unknown to me, the young parents of William sent his little body for organ donation. A letter was recieved by the them and I also obtained a copy. The following is the outcome: A seven month old boy in Colorado received his heart. A two year old girl from Texas received his liver. Both kidneys were transplanted into a 21 year old woman from Texas. All of the transplanted recipients are doing well at this time. You see, God took a tragedy and turned it into a wonderful conclusion to such a sad story. He took one small life and in return gave life to three. I weep because I am so happy. Emotional healing has taken place from all of the support and prayers of countless many. Please continue to pray for peace for the family who has lost 2 loved ones. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! Although I do not know you, I LOVE YOU AND I AM PRAYING FOR YOU ALWAYS. IN HIS NAME. Scott Jay

Posted 3-4-99:

Keith Wood - Thirteen year old who may have cancer of the bone.

Carol - She came through the surgery fine and if all goes well, she will be home in about six days. They inserted six screws and 2 metal plates in her back.

Posted 3-3-99:

Patty Chester - "The Lord has led me to a church to help with my deliverance from evil spirits. Could you pray for me that the Lord will help me move to Columbus and help me find an apartment. The church the Lord's sending me to is one state away."

Jim in Kansas - Has Pneumonia, very ill.

Mando - "I really need an injection of direction of my life, I need prayer."

Nichole Y. - "I suffer from severe depression, and lately have been very suicidal. I am presently on anti-depresents, but they are not working, I am getting a second opinion because my current doctor will not up my dose or change perscription, so pray that this new Dr. will change perscription or up dose, also that these suicidal thoughts, and pains will go away...pray for complete healing!"

Pat Hall's friend - "She has had three heart surgeries and now must undergo back surgery tomorrow. She is not a very good candidate for surgery and is only 55."

Jim Davidson's Dad - "80 years old, is in the hospital with pneumonia and meningitis. He is often incoherent. He has always been a strong man. Ask the Lord to restore strength and to give him peace."

Sheila B's sister - "Her name is Cindy. She was hemorrhaging large blood clots and needs to get a hysterectomy. She is 48 and I think my mom said there was a trace of cancer."

Carol - That God will carry her through the surgery she needs.

Ed - Strength to resist the enemy, the world, and the flesh.

Israel - "I send this email to tell you that i feel pretty better. Thanks to YOUR PRAYERS OF HEART you send to the Lord for me, the Lord is working in my life. I feel less pressure from the Devil and i read the bible more easily. Thanks to God for that.As i told you, things are just starting to change for me. I keep sekking the Lord days and nights and ask him to set me completely free and bring me to personal and living relationship with him. MAY I ASK YOU TO KEEP STANDING BEFORE THE LORD, INTERCEDING FOR MY SOUL TILL THE LORD GIVES COMPLETE FREEDOM AND BRINGS ME INTO A LIVING RELATIONSHIP WITH HIM? I konw it's a big asking but i know by the mercy the Lord put in your heart for my soul you'll do it for me. You already have sent so many prayers to the Lord for me that i feel a little ashamed to ask you to KEEP STANDING BEFORE THE LORD FOR MY SOUL TILL he takes my soul from death to life and gives complete freedom in HIM. AS the situation is critical for my soul i ask you that anyway and i know you'll do it FOR THE GLORY OF GOD IN THE NAME OF THE LORD JESUS-CHRIST. PLEASE DO IT FOR ME. I'll keep you informed of my situation regurlarly. God bless abuntdantlym in Christ the LORD. Really thank you for all."

Posted 3-2-99:

From Mando Rodarte: Hey people !! possible praise report, Vicky 's Dad has been waiting for a heart for over a year, he is no#1 on the list, he was given a previous opportunity for a heart a couple of months back but the guy had hepatitus and they told Vicky's dad if he turns the down next one he is off the list .

Lara's Dad - Last night she reported he (Ed) was in terrible pain and on hisway to the hospital.

Laura Davis - (Surgery went well. Pray for recovery from it.) Surgery.

Keith Wood - Growth on leg. Unknown whether it is benign or not. Biopsy has been done. Found growth after his leg was run over by vehicle. No broken bones just painful and bruised. He is about eight years old.

Madison Wrather - Spider bite on finger.

Clark - God's wisdom and guidance.

Posted 3-1-99:

Mrs. Li (Lee) - (Mrs. Li has passed away. Please pray for her family.) Who emmigrated from Vietnam, just got saved a few days ago. In the last year she has had open heart surgery twice to replace leaking valves . She and her 14 year old daughter are the only ones in her immediate family that are saved.

Cheryl's father - Has cancer and in on chemo. Please pray for good test results on 3-1-99. Pray that mother gets job.

Guy and Holly Austen - They have a vision for a ministry to abused and abandoned children but the house they need has been slated for demolition.

Mary Polermo's family - Mary has passed away.

Pastor Andy's two year old daughter - Has tumors on brain.

Stan Jacob's son - That he might be given another chance.

Sandy - Cancer.

Ken and Sherry Wheeler's granddaughter - Emergency surgery for ruptured appendix.

Laura Davis - Surgery.

Edmond Logan - Severe back problems.

V. Mues - Needs Salvation.

J. Turner - Needs Salvation.

Jerry Bryan - Motorcycle accident which killed wife. Jerry is in intensive care.

Ed Taylor - Needs employment.

Chase and Dylan - To get on right track with lives.

Keith Wood - Run over by vehicle. Leg brusied and in pain but no broken bones. Found growth on leg and will not know about it until Tuesday.

Billy - Depressed.

Posted 2-26-99:

Mrs. Li (Lee) - who emmigrated from Vietnam, just got saved a few days ago. In the last year she has had open heart surgery twice to replace leaking valves . The operations have not been successful. Yesterday she went into surgery for the third time with just a slight chance of making it through the operation and no chance without it. She and her 14 year old daughter are the only ones in her immediate family that are saved. (Have not received an update about this today.)

Bryce (a little over a year old) - He is in hospital. Has been having trouble breathing and running fever. He was moved to ICU last night, and is still there. (Sent by Scott Fite. Bryce is his nephew.)

Debbie Davis' nephew - He is unhappy at home and trying to be able to live with his sister. Also Debbie asks prayer for a family in our church, their grand child was born Monday and Drs. found a hole in his heart Thursday. For my parents, who are disabled and my Dad has been in the hospital.

Pastor J.D. Morris, Beth Haven Bapt. Church, Denver NC - He is still recuperating from Chemotheraphy & his "Stem Cell Transplant.

Virginia's friend Mary - She has high blood pressure a lump on her neck and arthritis on both knees. They are both swollen.

Posted 2-25-99:

Melissa Case - "I just found out that my little brothers best friend shot himself in the head. He is blaming himself and now has decided he doesn't want to go on a mission trip this summer because he feels if he couldn't tell his own friend about Jesus, how can he tell others. My heart is so much in pain for him. I love him so much and want to see him fulfill Gods call in his life. He has been getting into some serious junk, and I know Satan is trying hard to get him to be a nominal Christian, and yet even turn from God."

Jerry Schey - Suicidal.

Lavena Rose - Cancer.

(From Nicole Young.) My friend Laura, just got denied entry into a college, and she has also applied for the Americore, she has an interview Monday, and won't know until June whether she gets in or not. Lauara works at a home for mental retarded people, and she is very good and what she does, it's a gift from God for sure! She loves God and wants to do his will, but is very frusturated because she wants a college education. If she does not get into the Americore, her and I will be getting and apartment together. I guess secretly, I want to share a place w/her because she is my wonderful friend, but I also want for her to fulfill her dreams. But somehow I'm thinking what she wants(college) is not the dream that God has dreamed for her. My prayer request is that she will realize who needs to be running her life, God, not her!

Hershall - That he would have a desire to come to church again.

Catrina Cox - That she would get on the right track with her life.

Posted 2-24-99:

Patty - "To be set free from tormenting spirits, as I use to be involved in the new age movement, and was a medium and psycic. I renounced all that . I am now a born again christian."

Diane Baily - Healing and deliverance.

Mary Schmidt - (Sent by her daughter, Cindy Schmidt.) She has cancer and has been on chemotherapy and will have a CT scan March 4 to see what kind of progress she has made.

Maggie - "I have been unemployed for 8 months, unemployment benefits are depleted, and the vultures are circling around a little too fast. Please pray for me to find some means of supporting myself. I am a bookkeeper and can do bookkeeping freelance from my home or work in an office."

Jeanie - Pain in neck, shoulders, and arms.

Please continue to pray for Jerry Schey who says she is suicidal.

Please pray for revival and spiritual awakening to come upon the community of Sweetwater, Oklahoma.

Posted 2-23-99:

Mando - Continued healing/recovery from accident and reconciliation in marriage.

Two Jasons - One lives in the western United States and the other lives in Texas. Both need to get on the right track with their lives. Both have had trouble with addictions. Both have mothers that love them and both need our prayers.

Lance shares: "My sister's coworker's cancer returned. She's a hard worker and is struggling to get her pHD."

"I was called to a mission trip to China... I need God to open my parents heats(mostly my dad's since he makes the decisions) I really need prayer for this situation, thank you!"

Catrina C. - Needs to return to the Lord and walk with Him.

Hershall - To come back to church on a regular basis.

(Thanks to all who prayed for us as we moved. All went very well!! - Ed)

Jeanie - Strength and wisdom as she goes through another tax season.

Ed - Strength, wisdom, anointing to be the pastor that I need to be.

Posted 2-22-99:

Billie Harness - Recovery from stroke which occurred during surgery.

J. Williams requests prayer for her teenage daughter Briana - "...who has struggle dwith depression & suicidal thoughts for 2 yrs. For the past 2 weeks she has had extreme anger & rage -- manigested by violent & destructive behaviour -- iwthout obvious natural cause. I believe that this is a spiritual attack.

Chivia - Her mother is a diabetic and has taken ill. Her mother recently had surgery performed to recitfy the problem, but she still is not improving.

Pat Chester - Needs deliverance. "I am a born again christian and I used to be in the occult. But now I am being attacked by satan for leaving the occult. Please ask the Lord to set me free from this demonic torment."

Beulah Howard - Recovery from stroke which occurred during surgery.

Sheila and Scott - They're marriage is crumbling, she has packed and is waiting to move into an apartment.

Ed and Jeanie - Strength and wisdom as we begin a new pastorate.

Posted 1-16-99:

Peggy Rains - Under severe attack from the enemy.

Jeanie - Shoulders and arms hurting.

Bonita - Knees and legs hurting.

Posted 2-15-99:

J. Williams asks, "Please pray with me for my teenage daughter, Briana, who has struggle dwith depression & suicidal thoughts for 2 yrs. For the past 2 weeks she has had extreme anger & rage -- manigested by violent & destructive behaviour -- iwthout obvious natural cause. I believe that this is a spiritual attack. Please pray that the plans & schemes of the enemy will not succeed. Also pray for protection, hope, enlightenment & ultimate complete healing ( spiritual & emotional). God bless you!

Yakita says, "I would like to send a prayer request for my friend Chivia. Her mother is a diabetic and has taken ill. Her mother recently had surgery performed to recitfy the problem, but she still is not improving. Please pray for my friend because it is truly a hardship to lose a parent, especially a mother."

Brandon - He is 2 1/2 years old. His brother accidentally bounced a basketball off his head and broke his neck. He is in a coma and both children need prayer as well as the rest of the family.

Mary Palermo - Age 79. She's in critical condition, in the hospital. She has Emphsema and steomyelitis-she has very brittle bones and is in constant pain.

Valerie and her son - God's love & protection for a 16yr wayword son, who won't listen to me or the Lord.

Debbie requests prayer for their Awana Club in new Edenburg, Arkansas, for their pastor and for Andrew Harper, William Harper, and Rocky Goodwin as they do God's work.

Eva Atkinson - (Update: Surgery went well.) Surgery yesterday.

Frances Spearman - Continuing to have pain and problems with back.

(Miss) Jerry Schey - Needs encouragement.

Praise report from Sherry Q - Praise and thanks for answered prayers for my daughter. Anneka no longer has bad stomach aches! (I had posted a request around Jan. 31).

Israel - Frances Spearman received this email from Israel and asked that we all respond to him for her since she is unable to be at her computer for very long because of back pain:

Ijust write this email to thank u to have prayed for my wife and i. The Lord answers my wifw in a very special way. Me nothing! Things have not changed form me. I feel such a emptiness that i think very often to bring my life to an end. I'm reaaly wondering how much does the Lord care for me? I'm toubled and my cries to God remain unanswered. I'M really discouraged and desperate. Anyway the Lord does what he wants with his blood and his mercy. Thanks anyway to have prayed for me even if the Lord doesn't really cre about my situation and doesn'T want to bring me to him. I don't want to bother u more with my problems since the Lord himself doesn't care. I know i've done anything i could to search the Lord( he is my witnes). I've been searching for more than 10 years now days and nights. I'm exhauat and tireds physically and mentally. I'm confused and don't understand. It's problably my last email because i don't bother anymore with my problems... Thanks anyway for all and God bless u. Israel

Posted 2-10-99:

Eva Atkinson - Surgery today.

Billie Harness - Blockage in artery in neck. Surgery on Monday.

Mary Waugh and her father Bill Walsh - Bill's heart has been stopping and needs pacemaker installed.

Ruth Ralph - For my son, who has strayed away from God, to find a job soon with christian surrounding.

Matt Bowler - Came upon scene of terrible accident. Several severely injured. Please pray for Matt and those affected by this accident.

Donnie - Has Aussie Sheppard that has terminal cancer.

Cherina and Anton - Last year, I sent in a prayer request asking for my seperated husbands (Anton) salvation and healing of our marriage. I have been praying earnestly for 8 months for this. We signed the first steps of the divorce agreement last week and last week thursday he phoned and asked me to pray with him. He has committed himself to God. Praise our Awesome God !! He still believes it is more honourable to divorce but the main thing is that God was faithful to my prayer of fetching his lost sheep.Please continue to pray for restoration of marriage. Cherina. Cape Town, South Africa

Chrissie asks prayer for: A new youth minister for my church, FBC of Inverness, FL. We haven't ever really had a constant leader, but our last left about 2 years ago, and since then several people have tried to fill in but it was pretty poor and the youth quit coming. We are now completely without and the man that we wanted will not come because of our youth. We, as a whole, have a lot of problems. I know that all youth groups do.. but mine is really bad- the preacher's grandson is living here because he was expelled from his old school for pot and was also in trouble with the law. He leads everything too.. so you get the idea! The rest are just as bad.. drugs, drinking, sex, lying, smoking- you name it! I pray that we get a new youth minister who can help us and that our youth gets it together.=) Thank you for listening and please add me to the list again.=)
>>>>My parents are majorly fighting!
>>>>I have several athiest frineds and I tried again to witness to them the other day.. the responce was not good. They aren't the safest people in the world and endanger their lives quite frequently. I pray that they will find God and soon in case something bad should ever happen.

Posted 2-8-99:

Don's friend - Angry at God.
Nancy Lynne - Severe depression.
Claire's mother - Needs pacemaker and she is resisting. She also needs salvation.

Shane - We pastor a church in Alabama. My wife of twenty years (Barbara) says she does not love me any more and is going to move out and wants a divorce. We have two children (Amber and Dustin) who along with me, want to see their family healed and home restored. Please pray and stand in faith with us for our miracle !!!!!!!!!

Update on Ruth Cate 2-6-99 - Ruth is now back in hospital, where they have found that she is losing blood somewhere internally. Although she is producing her own blood cells, it is not enough to build up her blood count which is still very low. She is having a large blood transfusion over the weekend to try and bring her blood count up, to build her up for the tests that are now needed.

Kaylom--protection from physical danger, emotional/psychological harm, spiritual evil. He's only 4.

Brian - Needs salvation.

Charlotte - Faith/wisdom/power to witness.

Allen - This child needs deliverance from an abusive parentPaul Cook - Needs to forgive and learn that what he is doing is only hurting his son.

Kristen Cook - please help her to learn that what she is doing is only hurting her step-son and help her to help her husband get over his anger.

Jaime Jansen - please help her to forgive and learn that what she is doing is only hurting her son.

Ed Nave - For God to do His will in my life; to me. for me, with me and through me... That He would heal me and send me... That he wwould CONTINUE to send revival on this land (and this world) and that I CAN DO HIS WILL...

Chad Bradley - Leukemia.

Frances Spearman - Still having back problems.

Gadsden, Alabama - Largest plant closing soon with 1300 workers to be laid off.

Scott Jay - Sheriff's deputy hit car Saturday night that ran stop sign. Baby in other car killed. Others severely injured.

- My sister Marie just called and asked for prayer for her church. Their former pastor is sueing them for the property their church building sits on. They had experienced a split but are now back together. They need $15,000.00 by Monday the 8th of Feb to cover legal costs to date, or the lawyer will not continue to handle their case. They are a small congregation of about 30 families and 15,000 dollars is not easily available to them.

Ed, Jeanie, and Nick - Help with moving.

Posted 2-5-99:

(Miss) Jerry Schey - 25 year old who needs much encouragement. Please send her an email of encouragement.

Mrs. Harrison - Chrissie writes: My best friend, Mark's mother has just been diagnosed with a case of chronic cancer- I believe it is in her blood. I don't know much about it.. but she is the one who keeps that family together and they really need her. Her name is Mrs. Harrison. Please pray for Mark, his mother, and family.

Posted 2-4-99:

Angie Poock - To be able to carry baby to full term in good health for her and baby.

Ana D. - Protection for her while living in Serbia.

Suzanne's son - Herion addiction.

Emily Woodrow - Brain tumor.

Moses Paz - Pneumonia. 23 year old new Christian has recently had some other health problems.

LaNell Mullenix - (She is improving.) Recovery from stroke.

Gloria Tello - (She is recovering from surgery and all went well.) 14 year old girl with ruptured appendix.

Update on Ruth Cates 13 year old girl in Birmingham, England: She went back into hospital again, but they have allowed her home again.It has been very hectic. They are struggling to diagnose exactly what the problem is. So far despite many different blood tests they have been unable to pin down the cause of the problem. Basically, with the exception of the blood count, they have not found any significant abnormalities in the blood structure.

Pauline (From Hong Kong.) - I don't know whether you remembered I said we have a Gospel Bi-week in the middle of a funeral. I was worried about it. Now, the Gospel Bi-week was over and we have 48 students wanting to become Christians. The pastors of the church we belonged to, would come and teach them the basic faith and I will take them to church. Please pray for the kids and hope that we can find the right church for them.

Also, I have a terrible kid in class, Johnson who keeps making trouble andhis parents are troublesome people too. They keep calling and say that thekid was not at fault, and we are not fair in punishing him, when the kidactually committed a lot of bad things in school, or in the neighbourhood. I am at my wits end on him. Any suggestions are welcome. If not, justpray for the kid and his parents.

Posted 2-3-99:

Danny Anderson - Suicidal. "Carrie Anderson"

LaNell Mullenix - Recovery from stroke.

ANNE BAYTON OF MELBOURNE, Australia -- Cancer of breast.
John of Brisbane Australia -- Cancer of liver.
Joan of Brisbane Australia -- Cancer.
Stella of Sydney Australia -- troublesome daughter.
Bernie of Western Australia -- Cancer.

St John's Cathedral, Brisbane Australia -- for spiritual revival andfinancial help.

Cath Filmer-Davies -- recovering and being healed of colon cancer -- fornormal CEA results next time.

Terry S. - Needs Salvation.

Gloria Tello - 14 year old girl with ruptured appendix.

Posted 2-2-99:

Melanie - Nine years old. "From my understanding, she has what's called (please excuse the spelling on this!) Dibuticulotis and possibly Spinabifida. The first one is that she has pockets in her bladder and the fluid is flowing back to her kidneys. She has an appointment for an MRI coming this Tuesday (February 2 for those of you who read this late.). Then another appointment on February 15. After that, they will be setting up a date for an operation." (Margaret Guardi2645)

Sammie Jay - Severe headaches.

Anita Rundell - Job interview in Nashville for teaching position.

Ruth Cate - an update - her blood count has now improved and thefamily has been told that it is not leukemia. She will be allowed home to go home, although she is still undergoing tests to find out what theillness is.

Several in need of salvation: Ken Mobeck, JoAnne Czuba, Steve Tamplen, Janet Reed, Flame Hornick, Andrew Chien, Pytheus Soligena, Mark Wieczorek, Adrian Mullaly, Thomass Fullgrabe, Jane Flett, Tom Flett, Jesse Flett, David Lee, Matthew G. Kleczewski, podshmirl, Mellanie Tate, Andy (a buhdist), Ru693l, Texmoose.

LaNell Mullenix - Possible stroke.

Posted 2-1-99:

Sammy Jay - Severe headaches.

Ruth Cate - Of Birmingham, England (13 yrs old) has an unknown illness. She was taken to hospital on Friday after collapsing.

Colonel Ted Guy - former POW, is very ill.

Jerry S. - Severe discouragement with vision problem and other problems.

Ed, Jeanie, and Nick - God's help with all that is involved with moving to another place and pastorate.

Posted 1-31-99:

Mo and Pete Matthews and their families - Need salvation.

Sherry Q - Praise to the Lord for restoring health to most of my family! Following my release from the hospital for pneumonia, my husband and 2 daughters began suffering respiratory illnesses. We're all healing from those problems, but my 9yo Anneka now has serious heartburn and stomach aches. Her dr. suggested regular use of Mylanta, but it doesn't help for long. This may keep her from competing in this weekend's UIL contest. She has a follow-up visit Tuesday to see if tests are necessary.

Will's good brother who has cancer - He has just found out he hasprostate cancer and is waiting for more tests to see how much it has spread.

Pastor J.D. Morris - This week is Pastor Morris' last Chemo before they will start the infusion. He has been sick & throwing up most of yesterday (Wed.). His blood pressure is staying consistently high.

Urgent Prayer Request from Jules dated 1-27-99 11:00 A.M. - "I just received word that my sister Lori, in Idaho, was RUN OVER by her boy friend with her own pickup truck... evidently, a fight was in progress and TOM ran her down...d' laine Hospital in CRITICAL CONDITION!!

Bennie and Tammie - Reconciliation and restoration of their marriage.

Earl Sears - Recovery from heart bypass surgery.

Maria's sister Yolanda - Unknown problem causing extreme pressure in her brain.

Posted 1-28-99:

Theresa Nabors - (A blockage was found along with some other problems and surgically removed. Surgery went well. Please continue to pray for her recovery.) Unknown illness possibly flu and is in hospital.

Jerry Sanders - May need surgery to replace heart valve that won't open.

Gary Carpenter - God's empowerment and blessing during revival meeting in Tulsa during February.

Posted 1-27-99:

Frances Spearman - Back problems.

Shawn Wilson - (Shawn has learned the problem may be coming from a pinched nerve in his back - please continue to pray for him.) Our sports caster and sales person has been having horible headaches for over 2 weeks. He has been to the doctor, has now had a Ct. scan which shows something that has caused them to call in a very highly recommended nurologist. He is suppose to get some kind of diagnosis and further info on what it is believed to be. He is young...36 and has 3 children. He has a personal relationship with God and is not afraid of dying, but as any one would be... he is afraid. (Submitted by Neva Pyatt)

Mando Rodarte sends thanks to all those who prayed for him after he was injured when hit by a hit and run driver while riding his motorcycle. He is on the way to recovery from his injuries.

Kaylom - Please pray for the protection of this young child from the enemy.

Theresa Nabors - Unknown illness possibly flu and is in hospital.

Valencia - Young child burned by coffee on leg and is in hospital.

Posted 1-26-99:

Shawn Wilson - Our sports caster and sales person has been having horible headaches for over 2 weeks. He has been to the doctor, has now had a Ct. scan which shows something that has caused them to call in a very highly recommended nurologist. He is suppose to get some kind of diagnosis and further info on what it is believed to be. He is young...36 and has 3 children. He has a personal relationship with God and is not afraid of dying, but as any one would be... he is afraid. (Submitted by Neva Pyatt)

Consolation Baptist Church in Baxley, Ga. - Please pray for our church and pastor and his wife. Satan has attacked us viciously this past week since last Sunday night.

Leon Pruet - Heart and other health problems.

Ruby Mayfield - Severe illness and is in ICU.

Posted 1-25-99:

Vickie Childress - homeschooling mother of four young girls, needs healing fromchronic kidney disease and other complications, including chronic pain.

Unknown pastor - There is an element in his church that is trying to have him fired, and Sunday night (1-24-99) the church will vote whether to keep him or not.

Suzanne's son - Addiction.

Please pray for the family and friends of Silvia. She was a teenagerstudying in F4, which is like first year in Junior high. She passed awayyesterday because of a sudden sickness. We think she is under too muchpressure from school to excel. We are trying to pick up the pieces now,but it is going to be a very long week, or weeks. As teachers, we do notquite know what to do. Please pray for us too. And if you have anysuggestions, please tell us. Pauline (Pauline lives in Hong Kong.)

Cyndie - Strength and endurance for work and help with finances.

Chrissie - Needs help with her relationship with her parents.

Posted 1-22-99:

Debbie - Please pray for my husband and I. To go back home to Boston. We are lonely here in CA. And expecting in May my sister in April and I need to be home. Where my loving family is, my church, our friends and he can find a career he loves in Boston

Doris Howie and husband, Archie - Archie has an appointment with his cancer specialist this afternoon. It's a 2-hr. drive, so journey mercies would be appreciated also.

Daniel and Brenda Bagley - Urgent and unexpected dental expenses for their daughter and other financial pressures with a deadline of the 30th of this month.

Betty Davis - Needs liver transplant.

Posted 1-21-99:

R.C.Pittman - In a car accident on 5-7-99. As a result I am disabled. Would like prayer for expediting the approval of my Social Security benefits and other insurance issues.

Ken Hicks - Just notified along with 350 other employees that he has 60 days to find another job.

Nelda Hallock - Awaiting a liver transplant, will not survive without one. The clock is ticking, and time is of the essence for her.

Ronald Henderson and his friend Doug and their church will stop doing mediums and that this false Jesus at these mediums won't speak to them anymore. That the real Jesus will speak to them. Submitted by Pamela:

Tammie and Bennie Gooch - Reconciliation and restoration of marriage.

Victor and Casey - Reconciliation, forgiveness, peace between this father and son.

Posted 1-20-99:

Jeff - He was in a very bad car accident after church on Sunday. He was flown to Shock Trauma in Baltimore. The doctors are concerned about possible brain damage. He is comatose at this time. Remember his family as they go through this trying time. Submitted by Terry:

Rod Brittain - Needs God to help him forgive.
Robin Stone - Needs healing of a finger.
Brett - A 2 yr. old who needs healing from neglect.
Marissa - Back and eating problems.
Larry - That God would meet His needs.
Sue - Problems while going through a divorce.
Marianne - Foot surgery on Jan. 21st.
Dolores Fanton - Cancer.
John Osteen - Heart problems.

Norm Vogel - A practicing witch for 15 years.

Posted 1-19-99:

Cecilia Hyatt - Please pray that we will be approved for the overseas tour to Okinawa, Japan where my husband has been assigned. My son has cleft lip and palate, so they may deny us due to his medical needs.

Comfort for Guy and Ray Weathers (both pastors) as their father has passed away. Please also continue to pray for the comfort of Todd White (pastor in Sapulpa, OK) and his family as his father recently passed away.

Paula Anderson - Possibly homeless in San Diego, California.

Susan Suess - Please pray for my fiance and me. My fiance called off our wedding and I don't know why. I had already resigned from my job and given up my house to relocate to where he is. As of March 31st, I will be homeless, jobless, and a new baby a few weeks away. It will take about a year to find adecent job because of the process involved. I have no other financialresources.

C & V - Reconciliation and restoration of relationship.

Posted 1-18-99:

Darlene Knotts - She is currently involved with a dangerous religious cult.

Lissie - That God would protect her and her family and help her to keep her job.

Susan (Scott Davis' sister) - Cancer.

Saleema - in Pakistan who is a Christian. She converted her close friend, who was 14. She was so excited about Christianity that she told her parents and they killed her! It looks like the 15 year old (Saleema) is to be publicly executed! (Jeff Futers, The Bible League)

Don M. - Fighting old problem and needs strength to resist.

Kathy Mainor sends this request: My niece is starting to have a lesibian relationship, my brother is NOT a christian as he deals with his daughter's relationship, my health is not good and I'm student-teaching for the next 5 months with NO PAY.. we are very scared about losing our house and other financial problems, also my parents health is not good.

Posted 1-15-99:

Don Low checked on the request for finding the abducted girl that was listed in the prayer requests yesterday. The Police Department reported that KRYSTAVA PATIENTS SCHMIDT HAS BEEN FOUND! They would appreciate our help in letting everyone know that she has been found and is no longer missing.

Pam has an URGENT request for her son, Danny JR.- She says, "The devil is trying to hinder my sons progress, he is trying to kill him! satan is working & he's trying to kill my son. Danny JR. has a hearing the 29th of this Month, please Pray & ask God to be merciful & to let my son come back home with me! This is life & death for him! My son is innocent! I know, because I was there.

Laverne Dobson - Heart trouble, terrible headaches, and in hospital from a fall.

Family of T. W. White, Jr. - He has been in bad health and has just passed away.

Missy - Marriage of 17 years may be ending. Needs strength/guidance for her and her two children as they face the difficulties ahead.

Family of David Terry - David was a 26 year old teacher at a Christian school in Oklahoma City who was killed by teens in an attempted robbery this week.

Posted 1-14-99:

Dallas Sutton - Cancer.
Betty Davis - Needs liver transplant.
Wilbur Nabors - Recovery from stroke.
Dana M. - 73 years old having surgery on Jan 25 for hip replacement. He is in much pain, extremely difficult to move around.
Beatrice - 1/14/99 for tests, open heart surgery to follow 1/19/99. Beatrice has also been told she has a possible cancerous tumor in her breast.
Shockley family - Our Pastor's mother had angioplasty, it wasunsuccessful, she'll have surgery on 1/18. His dad, also a pastor, just recently had a heart attack and is still recovering.

A five year old boy is being forced to see his father/molester by the family court. Unsupervised! Wed. 5pm-8pm Fri. 6pm until Sun. 6pm. Every other holiday. Two girls are going through the same thing by the family court.

Steve Yosting home after one month in hospital for chemo treatment of leukemia.
Steve Clark - In ICU. He had a stroke along with many other difficulties.
Christian Berkhahn's parents - Conflict over holidays and healing is still needed.
Diana Hammers asked prayer for a chrysalis weekend Jan 16 thru 18th.
Latasha's Uncle Dan - He has had a stroke.
Joan's brother Bill - Cancer.
J. W. - Chronic illness.
Kathy D. - Confused and running from God.
Anton and Christina Lundqvist - Anton has is 10 and has eating and other problems.
Debby Ellis - Cancer.
Nancy Hill - Cancer.
Mickie Doty and her husband - Her husband had a seizure.
Ruth Ralph's son and his girlfriend - That her son will return to the Lord and be on the right track with his life. His girlfriend needs salvation.

Date: Saturday, January 09, 1999 3:05 AM
Subject: Re: very =( ....please help -- missing girl

(I couldn't upload the bmp file but can send you the photo by email if you would like to have it. Just email me at

__________________________________________________ _______________

(posted 5-14-98)
Joe Woolman ( Signed private guestbook using profanity and denying the existence of God.

________________________________________________________________ _

(posted 5-2-98)
Robert W. Johnson- I need a job (computers is my profession) that meets all my families needs. I have been employed for 4 months now, am rather ill, and need denistry work (my wife and I have been so poor for the last 7 years that I have not even been able to afford a denist, and my teeth hurt!). It is rather strange: my ministry in Christ is prayer, and I see the Lord do wonderful and marvelous things, but never for myself. Please stand with me, as I always stand with the Lord and the Body of Christ. replyemail =

I appreciate the members of the Lord's body standing with me. My wife andI have been in this area for almost 5 years now. It is kind of strange,but I arrived here from Texas broke, homeless, and living out of my car. After I had been here a few days I answered an ad in the newspaper for ajob. When interviewing for the job I discovered that the lady doing thehiring was a sister in Christ. She told me that she and another sister hadbeen praying all the previous winter and summer that the Lord would sendsome Christian teachers to the college in town (Western State College, inGunnison). I had previously worked in a university environment incomputers for the past twelve years! and had stopped at the college a fewdays before to see if they were hiring computer people. I never got a jobwith the college (those people are so fallen, that is why those sisterswere praying), but I have done quite a bit of work (Christian ministry)with the college students in town. My fishing buddy, whom I have seen theLord working on for more than three years now attends the Trinity BaptistChurch here in town and the Baptist Student Union at the college. A youngman, probably the best Christian student on campus, attends the same churchI do, so I have a chance to strengthen and encourage him. I occassionallyattend the Baptist Student Union which the Lord leads. My wife and I have a ministry in the Lord to students and the poor anddowntrodden here in town. (You would not believe how fallen this area is,it is a real spiritual pit, to put it mildly.) We would appreciate greatlyyour prayers, and I will stand with you folks also.
Thank You,
Robert W. Johnson / Brother in Christ


(posted 5-2-98)
My adopted son has run away from home, following several criminal and near criminal activities, and a diagnosis of "border line personality disorder" (your old fashion psychopath). He doesn't seem to care about anything or anybody. He is costing us a lot of money; and now the child protective services are going to ask us to give even more money towards a placement (money we don't have). This is a last of a whole series of mishaps. I feel like my family has literally been through five years of hell: my daughter died, two nephews died, my mother died, several friends died, I had breast cancer, my father in law had a heart attact and quadruple bypass surgery, my son was beaten up and raped by older teenagers, our car was stolen, our house was robbed, and I could continue this list for a long time. We are broke, in part because of all the things we've been through, in part because our adopted son has done extensive damage to property and has been robbing us. We really have neither the money to pay to the child protective services for help for our son (provided he is ever located) or to pay for a lawyer to fight being asked to pay, and we will have our wages garnished if the court approves our paying. We are quite literally at wits' end right now. Something needs to change. I don't think either my husband or I can take much

_________________________________________ ________________________

Please pray for David Wyvill

""From: "david wyvill" To: edwrather@itlnet.netSubject: stop prayingDate: Mon, 20 Apr 1998 12:10:08 PDTok stop praying for my freind or i will hunt you down and kill you!!!!i can get your phone number from your e-mail so go to hell whit you and your praying for ever one and do not pray for or i will have to kill you.ok.and do not e-mail me or my freind agin.""

As you can see there is a great need of prayer for David.


Please pray for me (Glen Swaim ). I want to know that I am acceptable to Jesus Christand to God. I try to lead a Christian life but some things in my pastare bad things. I have asked for forgiveness. I gave myself to Jesuswhen I was about 14. At that time I had a very emotional event. I feltclean and new. I am divorced and remarried and I don't know if this isacceptable to Jesus and God. I cannot seem to get to that emotionalevent I had so many years ago. I have some pretty severe healthproblems and I want to know that Jesus has accepted me.


Sheldon and his father who are long-term herion addicts need prayer as they want to end their addiction.

____________________________________________________________ _____

Bill and Kathleen Mowery have many problems.

____________________________________________________________ _____

Mark Sullivan family - Comfort, Strength, and Peace.

_______________________________________________________________ __

Megan Markus - Injured 1996 car accident. Minimally conscious.

Bonita Wrather - Needs physical, mental, and spiritual healing.

Norman Martin - Kidney cancer.

Brian Exinia - Severe headaches/Migraines.

Steve Yosting - Leukemia. Needs bone marrow donor.

Nathan Tinsley - Stroke.

Max Dipple - Cancer.

Dale Mills - Heart attack.

Daniel Saylor - Paralysed from gymnastics accident.

Jeanie - Needs healing.

Byron Cox - Heart problems.

____________________________________________________________ _____

Jacob and Heidi - Marital Problems

Carey S. - Marital Problems/Suicidal

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