Webpage of NICK WRATHER aka "The Ice Man"

Hello, welcome to my world! I am now 43 years old and live on the farm where my grandparents lived and where my Dad grew up. I enjoy playing miniature golf, country music, gospel music, nintendo, movies, hamburgers from McDonald's and a lot of things.

I love country music and especially the Oakridge Boys. I once several years ago was able to visit with them backstage in Oklahoma City. For my graduation present I saw them in concert at Branson. I am a lifelong Oakridge Boys fan and probably their biggest, and best, and most fanatic fan.

I was saved several years ago at Sweetwater, OK. One day I was over at the church by myself and I invited Jesus into my heart. I told my parents that Jesus was "in heart." I didn't want to be baptized because I'm afraid of water. But several months later while I was in my room alone God told me I needed to be baptized. I told my parents "God told me" to be baptized and so I followed the Lord in baptism the next Sunday.

Once several years ago our family was on vacation and it was time to find a motel room in San Antonio. But since we didn't have a reservation, Dad was stopping at hotels to see if they had any vacancies. Since there was some kind of convention in town we couldn't find a room. After about the fifth or sixth stop at hotels and my parents and brother were going crazy I told them what to do. I said "pray". We all prayed and then drove right to a good hotel where we spent the night!

You can find out more about me in chapter five of the Journey to Fruitfulness. (Nick was born with Down Syndrome.)


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